The Basic Formula To Starting A Beauty Brand

The beauty industry is worth over half a trillion dollars on its own. It's such a varied and diverse industry with lots of different products that are for the same thing. There are countless moisturizing creams, countless skin-toning serums and foundations. But that doesn’t mean you should have the attitude that it's all been done before. Just like any industry, there is continual improvement in the materials used for products, marketing, packaging and we’re constantly learning about our skin from the medical field. This allows companies to produce products that fit the modern lifestyles and needs of the average consumer. Now is the time to begin your very own beauty brand. But, understand the basic formula first.

Something meaningful

Some business coaches will tell you to look for a niche, a gap in the market and focus on widening it to your advantage. However, this poses the question, do you believe in what you’re doing? Beauty products are very personal, we put them on our bodies and we trust them to make us feel as good as we deserve. So, instead of only looking for a niche, look for something that you care about. Do you or did you have eczema? It could have made you feel very self-conscious about your body image. Well, consider creating a product for someone who has eczema. Do you find that your skin becomes irritated by a certain ingredient that is generically used in almost all the beauty products on the market? Make a product which doesn’t have that!

Understanding the production

Where do you learn what it takes to make a beauty product? At a beauty school of course! However, you should focus on finding a school which is giving courses in the field that you are aiming for. If you’re making a product for skin and you want it to be eco-friendly, the School of Natural Skincare is the best option. They have courses on face mask formula, bath products, zero-waste formulas and diplomas in skincare formulation. The best part is, the courses are totally online, so you don’t need to leave the house to learn about the things you love. However, it's very interactive, you can ask questions and share your personal experiences to gain a better understanding of what kind of natural ingredients would go best in your product.

Local test launch

Before you begin marketing your product, it's a good idea to test it first. Bear in mind, you’ve probably only got the means to have a couple of boxes of your product delivered to your house where you store them. But you can kick things off and spread your brand name, by having a local test launch. By printing flyers and posting them around the neighborhood, city or town you live in, you can invite local people to come and test your product, gain valuable feedback and ask them to buy a product and give you a review on it. 

Take baby steps. The beauty industry is wide open for new micro-business owners to create their own products and start competing with the big brands.

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