Little Non-Monetary Staff Perks That Go A Long Way

When it comes to perks and benefits of the job, there’s no denying that additional compensation is a valuable tool at your disposal. Most of your team would definitely like to get paid a little more to the side, but there has been a lot of evidence to show that non-monetary benefits can be just as popular and even more important when it comes to keeping staff morale up. As such, if you’re trying to create a more attractive workplace, here are some perks worth considering.

It’s become a trait that a lot more businesses have had to invest in lately, but those that allow for remote working and allow employees to have control over their own schedule have always been a more attractive package for the working public. If you allow a little more remote working, not only can a position be more attractive, but it creates a company culture in which employees feel trusted to manage their own work.

Employee development
Alongside compensation, the ability to further their career is going to be the top priority amongst most professionals. Having one-on-one development interviews to learn employee goals, and helping them find courses through sites like Udemy to teach them the skills they need can make them feel like they’re getting invested in by the business and like their future lies there. It’s a great way to stem any churn.

Health and wellness
If you want to show employees you genuinely care for their wellbeing, while also making efforts to reduce the likelihood of them taking sick days, then health and wellness programmes are well worth investing in. These can include gym facilities, access to trainers, and much more than can allow employees easier access to the steps towards better health that they might not be able to reach on their own. 

A good break room
Never underestimate the ability to have a break in a relaxing space that feels wholly separate from the workplace. A lot of people take their breaks at their desk, which is known to decrease their productivity and motivation later in the day. A real breakroom, designed to help them relax with things like commercial coffee machines and foosball tables could be just what your team needs. It makes them feel like all of their needs, not just the most basic ones, are being considered by the company.

Physical rewards
Aside from all of the options named above, don’t neglect the fact that a little recognition can go a long way. Praising your employees when they do well is well and good, but physical trophies and signs of your appreciation such as those from Impact Trophies can really raise morale and help people feel like their work matters and is recognised.

The perks you offer, monetary or not, should show staff that you want to contribute to both their success and well-being, physically and emotionally, in the workplace. The above are just examples, there are plenty more ways to treat your staff.

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