3 Ways To Improve Your Business' Image

Whether you are just starting out with your business or you have been established for many years, it is always worth investing your time and effort in working on your business’ image. How others perceive you can build or break your business as we all understand how important reputation is to our bottom line. With this in mind, today we want to share with you 3 ways to improve your business' image. 

Work on your office environment

The first thing to think about is the physical representation of your business, your office environment. 

Your premises often give people their first impression of your business. What do your premises say about your business? Try to look around and consider them from a first time visitor’s point of view. 

At the very least they need to be clean, tidy and organised. In addition, you will want your business branding to be apparent and recognisable. 

In light of your assessment, you might want to take on a full office renovation, you might feel that you need to move premises or perhaps you might choose to make a few smaller changes that will have a big impact. 

You could repaint, add pictures and new lighting and flooring, and do not neglect the signage. Your signage can say so much about your business, so ensure that it is presenting the right image and at the very least that it is not damaged. 

Develop your online presence 

Many people will first discover your business online. For others, they might spot you on the high street or hear about you through a friend and then take to the search engines to find out more about you. In both cases, you will need to focus on developing your online presence.

Ensure that you have a professional looking website in place and make sure that it is easy to navigate and allows people to contact you directly. Where possible, add customers’ testimonials to this and do encourage your customers to leave reviews about you on review websites and social media.

In addition to your website, it is worth setting up one or two social media channels. These will allow you to say more about your business, connect and engage with existing and potential customers and build up a reputation. Some social media accounts have huge followings, which can convert to sales, so make an effort to share content there regularly. 

Create a marketing strategy 

Having made the right impression with your premises, signage and online presence, you should now be looking to create a marketing strategy. 

In order to do this, you need to think about the people that you are hoping to attract. When you have worked out your audience, you can then start thinking about where you might find them and what might appeal to them. 

You might look into video production services or content marketing specialists to promote your business. You might try fun one-off promotions such as running competitions or holding pop-up events. 

In all cases, you are presenting an image to the world so ensure that it is a good fit for your company.

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