3 Of The Easiest Ways For Your Start-up To Save Money

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When you first start up your own business, and even well after launch, budgets are likely to be one of your top concerns. No start-up has a limitless budget, and so most entrepreneurs focus on driving sales up in any way that they can in order to try and break even. But there is another way to boost your bottom line and try to keep things rolling -  and that is making cutting costs a way of life. You may think you know it all when it comes to money saving tricks, but there are quite a few ways to apply financial savvy to your business dealings as well, tighten up your outgoing costs and make the business maths work for you.

Go On A Waste Reduction Drive

There are lots of small ways in which most companies waste money every single day. If you don’t realise, then you’re really missing out. Most of the things you can do are really simple - moves like refilling printer ink cartridges rather than purchasing new ones, setting your printers to print double sided mono by default, and making sure all electrical appliances are switched off in the evening. You could even consider a motion sensor system for your lighting. And the added bonus is that most of these money saving measures are also kinder to the planet. 

Consider Pre-Loved Purchases 

When you first create your business, you need a lot of things at once - from IT supplies such as laptops and printers or a document shredder for disposing of confidential waste, to office equipment like chairs and desks. But did you know it's now easier than ever to purchase these items second hand? Yep, second hand office equipment is a big business and it can save you a fortune on buying new, especially as a lot of large companies are locked into upgrade cycles every few years. Hunt out the bargains and you can always choose to upgrade later when profits are flowing. This thinking applies to almost every area of your business - for example, you could even look at Used Vans if you need a fleet. 

Climb Aboard The Cloud 

Whatever software that you use, it can be much more secure and cost effective to look at systems which are cloud-based. This means that all of the programmes and documents that you need are stored virtually, so you don't need to pay storage charges for paper files. Using systems in the cloud is also more secure. On top of that you can find open source cloud software easily - this means that you can avoid an expensive licence in some cases. Use systems like Google Docs and Google Sheets for spreadsheets and documents, Canva for making marketing graphics and Later to schedule your social media posts - all completely free or with some low cost premium options. 

Those are just a few of the simplest ways to save your small business some cash in the new year - but once you get started on a cost saving drive there are lots of things that you'll find. Make reducing costs a mindset and it will become so much easier to become profitable.

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