Eleven Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing

Marketing is one of those skills that you either possess or you don’t. But even for those of us who don’t have those skills and whose jobs don’t involve going anywhere near content, you’ll know when you’ve seen good marketing and when you’ve seen marketing that’s way off the mark.

And whether you’re involved in to day to day or not, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got it nailed down when it comes to promoting your own business. In this blog, we’re taking a look at video marketing, how it can help build interest in your company and why you should be considering it every bit as useful as your written marketing contributions.

1 Video is Personal

It involves real people talking directly to real people and that’s the kind of content that will work. It helps bring things down to a conversation and that conversation is what builds good will and trust between your customer and you. 

It allows you to employ tone and context in a way that you just can’t get across in text and that’s invaluable.

2 Boosts Sales

But you’re not just going down the line of video marketing for a feel good feeling, you need to see real results and you will. That engagement with your customer very quickly gets turned into sales and that’s because it so brilliantly showcases your products. What might sound mundane in text, like AEC stanchions for example, when shown in a video surrounding a high performance car or underneath a famous work of art give context and excitement. They become real and necessary.

3 It’s a Sound Investment

There are marketing strategies that  are going to cost you a fortune or are simply take far too much time for the money and effort that you’re spending. There are some activities that you’re doing for the sake of it and you can’t quite pinpoint what use they are to you and your company. Video is not like that. It’s ROI (Return on Investment) is measurable and real and its impact can be felt relatively quickly by your business.

Your biggest expense will be the company you choose to create the video for you but though it may be tempting to go low budget, don’t. You’ll get what you pay for, so make sure you choose an experienced team who understand exactly what it is you want to achieve and can help you get there.

4 It’s Flexible

There are no limits where you can place your video content. It does make a great introduction to your company on your home page but if you’re looking at demonstrating your product or products, then you might place it on your sales or catalogue pages too.

Of course, you’ll also want to upload new content to your social media platforms and the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the perfect places to share content and engage with your audience.

5 Get Picked Up

One of your main goals is to get noticed and one of the very best ways you can get noticed by the likes of Google is through creating video content. Google loves video and if it’s picking up yours then you’re going to find yourself and your content at the top of your Google rankings or at least not confined to the third or fourth pages. Video content helps your site appear relevant and up to date.

6 Your Demographic Watches Video

These days your customers are viewing Insta stories, YouTube video content and more on their mobile phones. Video content is not something you have to sit down in front of a computer and upload. It’s immediate and it’s right at your fingertips.

This makes it imperative that the video you create works perfectly on mobile phones, just as your website has also been made mobile friendly.
Mobile phones remain the future so think mobile first whether you run a taxi company or a travel blog.
Image courtesy of Pexels: CC0 licence agreement

7 Social Media Loves Video

Written content comes and goes, but when it comes to creating videos specifically for your social media platforms, you can create some very special content. Depending on your demographic and experience with your customer, you’ll have a good idea if short and snappy is going to work better than longer and whimsical but in any case, feel free to adapt your content for each platform.

Your customers will engage and find you across their socials, remembering far more about who you are with a funny, creative video effort.

8 Content Can Be Short and Sweet

As previously mentioned, you don’t have to go to a full-length Steven Spielberg effort when it comes to your content creation. Short and funny, trumps a boring long video any day of the week so don’t add minutes just for the sake of it. You’ll also want to remember that you can think outside the box and be as humorous and creative as you want to be to help stand out in an already crowded market place.

9 Testimonials

Featuring the real life voices and faces of your customers is a great way to build trust with your potential customers. Have them record the reasons they chose you, how happy they were with your product or service and why potential customers should choose you over and above any other rivals.

10 You Can Get Others to do the Work

When you’re running your own company you have more than enough to do and the joy of being able to outsource projects like this is that you can just take a look at the end result at the end of the process and sign it off and over to your marketing team to make use of.

While you can be involved in the strategy on the ground floor you don’t need to involve yourself in any of the technical details. While that sounds great, you just need to make sure you can find a company who wins your trust from the word go.

11 It’s The Future

It’s fair to say that the likelihood that platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are going anywhere soon is slim to none. Rather than just wish you didn’t have to engage with these social media giants and finding ways to actively avoid them, admitting that you need to come up with a more modern engagement with them is crucial to your success.

The way people view video content may change along with the devices that they use but that’s all. When it comes to video, it’s going nowhere and is well and truly the future.

It’s time for your business to get involved, to get producing some exceptional content that allows you to jostle to the top among your peers and rivals. Create an even stronger brand identity, find humour and fun in what you create and don’t be afraid to let your imagination run free, providing you know what the purpose is behind the message you’re creating.

Put your return customers in front of the camera, put your staff in front of the camera and showcase those products so that they’re shown in the best light and in the best context, allowing your customers a glimpse of what they too could have.

Take a leap into the unknown and update your marketing strategy. It’s time to level up your marketing activities and find a new way of talking to your customers now and on into the future.

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