Features of a Perfect Property Rental

The perfect rental property will attract a steady stream of potential tenants and command a high rental price, but how do you create the ideal environment for a renter? By making the most of your property, you can turn it into one of the most desirable homes in your neighbourhood.
If you want to create the perfect property rental, take a look at these top tips now… 
Safe area
Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home, so choosing a property that’s located in a good neighborhood is important. A desirable area will automatically attract the best tenants, so it’s worth waiting until the right house or apartment becomes available. 
As well as checking the crime statistics before you purchase a rental property, take a look at the street or road it’s on too. Well-lit sidewalks, properly maintained roads and well-maintained properties will give you an indication of how desirable the area really is. 
Job opportunities
You can only secure a decent rental income if your tenants are in work, so choosing a property that facilitates job opportunities is a good bet. If you’re looking for a rental property in a large city, there should be a varied number of industries and sectors offering job opportunities. When you’re looking at rural properties or smaller towns, however, it’s important to consider whether tenants will be able to secure work or access employment.
Choosing locations that are within a commutable distance to the nearest big town or city is always advantageous. In addition, you may want to find out whether reliable public transport services run in the area, as this will give tenants an extra option when it getting to and from work. 
Healthy environment
No-one wants to live in a property that’s harmful to their health, and this applies to tenants as well as owner-occupiers. Before you rent a property out, it’s important to check that it doesn’t harbor dangerous chemicals or contaminates.
Before completing on a property purchase, you’ll want to have a number of tests and surveys taken. When you use companies like Stewart Drug Testing, for example, you can confirm that the property doesn’t contain residue from methamphetamine production or use. With many properties being used to take, sell, distribute or manufacture drugs, it’s essential that your potential property rental won’t pose a risk to future tenants.
Similarly, you’ll need to check for carbon monoxide leaks, faulty appliances, lead pipes, and mold issues, as these can all cause health problems. With straightforward testing, you can ensure your property rental will provide tenants with a happy and healthy place to live. 
Local amenities
People will want to be within easy reach of useful amenities, so it’s vital to research the area before you commit to purchasing a rental property. Long-term tenants may be concerned with job opportunities, schools, and supermarkets, for example, whilst holiday renters may be more focused on the proximity to local grocery stores, bars and attractions. 
With a little research and the right professional services, you can create the perfect property rental. As one of the most popular ways of investing your money and bringing in a second income, renting out a property can be a fun and exciting way to prepare for the future.

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