4 Office Distractions You Need To Deal With

Maintaining high levels of productivity in the office is essential if you want your business to be a success. But that can be difficult, especially when your employees are constantly distracted. Small distractions are one of the biggest productivity killers in business and they can be tough to manage. A lot of the time, you don’t even realize that they’re there, and that’s a big problem because they make it so much harder for your employees to work productively. These are some of the biggest office distractions that you need to watch out for.


Smartphones are an incredible invention and they give us constant access to information wherever we go. But when they come to productivity, they’re one of the worst things in the world. Using your smartphone to scroll through social media or check your messages is a habit for most people. We get them out and check them without even thinking about it, and that habit doesn’t go away when we’re in the office. If you’re not careful, people will spend half the day looking at their phones and not doing any work. That’s why you need to have a policy in place to make sure that people have their phones on do not disturb mode and they are only using them during breaks. 


You might not think that the temperature in the office can be a distraction but people will find it hard to concentrate if they are too cold or too warm. In the summer, you need to make sure that you have a good air conditioning system in place (like the ones from MTA Australasia), and in the winter, make sure that the heating is turned up. Don’t try to save money by turning the thermostat down too much because it will cause a big dip in productivity. Finding the right temperature can be tough because everybody is different, but you need to find a middle ground that works for all of your employees.

Bad Furniture 

When you are setting up your office space, you need to put some thought into the furniture. It can be expensive, so you need to find ways to save money on office furniture, but you can’t just go for the cheapest option every time. Bad furniture that causes back problems is a constant source of distraction, so it’s best to spend a bit more on something comfortable. 


When people get hungry, their concentration dips and they won’t be thinking about work, they’ll be thinking about what they’re going to have for lunch or dinner. Most people snack at work but they still get hungry because they’re eating unhealthy snacks that don’t really fill them up. But if you offer healthy snack alternatives that have more nutritional value, you can solve that issue. People will be satisfied after eating and when they are eating healthier food, their concentration levels will be boosted. 

If you can identify these distractions around the office and put a stop to them, it will be far easier to keep your employees motivated.  

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