Be The Boss Of You: Running Your Life Like a Business

Many people have difficulties in managing their lives. Outside of the business, they can spend time running around like a headless chicken with no direction- they seek the help of others to maintain their lifestyles. The life of a person is very similar to that of a business, facing the same issues.  However, a business’ problems are approached in a far more meticulous and methodical approach- taking the emotion away from problem-solving, purely focusing in on the most crucial KPI: The result. 

Align Your Lifestyle With Your Business Strategy

Following the path of successful entrepreneurship leads to fully understanding the vision. Without this, there is no way of creating a strategy to reach it. What is a 5-year plan without goals?
Within a 5-year plan, it is vital to outline the values you wish to abide by. What are the personal values that should be brought into the business? Acting with honesty, integrity and social awareness are solid values to use when running a successful business.The legacy and reputation of a business lies beneath the numbers. A company is rewarded when its leaders align the culture with the strategy. 

Live Within Your Means

People start businesses to pursue financial freedom. When a company is successful, it brings money with it. 
However, working for yourself can mean varying pay cheques at the end of each month. Live within your means to ensure that you live each month comfortably--and have enough left to commit to savings at the end of the day. This provides you with enough cushioning to protect against emergencies. 

Plan For The Worst

Even the most stringent 5-year plans aren't immune to the unpredictability of the future. Within businesses and life, things can and will go wrong. Plan for this personally insurance policies for your life and property. For your business, find the solutions that fit your business and the market it services, not unlike those offered by Chris Riley at Seventy Financial Planning. It’s like the old adage says: Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Work-Life Balance 

A clear head is an important common factor for both a fulfilling personal life and a successful professional life. Striking a balance between the two -- and knowing where one begins and the other ends -- is vital.

Self-care is essential for keeping your head in the game. While you may ultimately spending fewer hours in the office as a result, you may be surprised by how the increased efficiency and effectiveness allows you to accomplish more with less time.


Most people define ambition through their careers. They want the promotion that unlocks the possibility for greater things. For most, it’s the job that unlocks everything else.

But it’s okay to have personal ambitions beyond the career -- they won’t hinder you. Having personal goals, hobbies and ambitions not only increase your overall happiness, it can humanize you with your colleagues and business partners.

It can even inform the direction of your professional life. If your personal ambitions bring your greater happiness than your professional life, then it makes sense to craft your career around it. 

There’s more than one path to success. Find the one that makes sense for you.

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