One single platform that helps you improve your savings: Iban Wallet

Have you ever heard about steady income, access to liquidity, annual returns ranging from 2.5% AER to 6% AER, safety, or daily interest payment? Well, we found an online platform -both for Web and App- called Iban Wallet that offers investment accounts with all this together.
In a flat zero interest rates world where traditional banking not only does not offer any interest to your money, and sometimes charges you for having an account, Iban Wallet is a good alternative. In fact, investors typically consider this company and the products it offers as a great option to boost savings. 
Once registered, you can invest in different accounts with fixed annual returns ranging from 2.5% AER to 6% AER, interests paid on a daily basis, and access to liquidity, meaning you can deposit and request to withdraw whenever you want.
Their accounts, are simply a remunerated account with a fixed interest paid on a daily basis and access to liquidity in a very conservative way, in the sense that they offer much conservative returns compared to for instance P2P platform, but with a liquidity aspect that non even a savings account can give you, and with a product that is much safer than those offered in classic P2P platforms that already exist. Obviously if you're seeking higher yields and risk exposure there will be alternatives different from them but cannot offer the level of safety, high liquidity and simplicity as Iban offers.

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