Get Your Name Out There! Ways You Can Promote Your Company

When it comes to creating a company, you may be a little lost about where to go next once you’ve produced your brilliant product. Whether it’s a web service or a physical item, the world deserves to see what you have created - and here are some ways that you can get your company’s name out there.

Use Social Media
Social media is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to promote yourself. First of all, consider your audience and who exactly you want to appeal to: Facebook has a more family focused dynamic, Twitter is great for communicating directly with consumers, and Instagram is all about the aesthetics and aspirational lifestyles. It’s a good idea to have all these platforms, but make yourself aware of the different content you should be posting on each one. Create a Facebook community, talk to people on Twitter, and post your dreamy photos on Instagram.

Learn To Network
Networking definitely does not come easily to everyone, but unfortunately the world of business is frequently about who you know and not what you know, which means that you need to get out there and start making contacts. Whether you seek out conferences to go to or whether you go to industry drinks or whether you stand behind a table at trade fairs, it doesn’t really matter, but the most important thing is that you’re out there talking to people and making sure they know the name of your company and what exactly you do.

Get Your ‘Elevator Pitch’ In Place
Getting out there and talking about your company is the reason that you need to have an ‘elevator pitch’. This is essentially an explanation of your company and what you do there in the time of an elevator journey. Work on summing everything up in a couple of sentences that are easy for people to understand and for you to communicate.

Get Some Merch
A great way to get your branding and your message across is through merchandise. Have you seen that Glossier is offering a limited range of clothing? Making your product visually appealing and transferring that visual appeal to merchandise is an excellent way to increase the hype around what you do. Whether that’s with hoodies in your company colour, pins here emblazoned with your company logo, or even pens and notepads that you can pass out to your employees, it’s a great way to solidify your brand and get it into people’s hands and lives.

Outsource If You Need To
Remember that outsourcing isn’t a bad idea. It’s much cheaper to outsource and hire skilled freelancers than to try to find a full time person who can cover everything at your company. If you aren’t a great writer, hire a copywriter, if you’re bamboozled by the internet hire a social media expert, if you’d like to get your product into the media but you don’t know how, hire a public relations expert. 

There are many ways that you can get your name and your company’s brand out there - experiment until you find what works for you!

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