Turning The Lightbulb Moment Into Something Real

It's happened many times before, and it's happening again. You're sitting on the bus one day and, finally, the next great idea for your product line pops into your head. You may have products already created and out there in the world, and everyone's waiting for your next step. Or, you're a newbie in creating a product, and you have an idea that really pops.

Either way, you need to get that idea plucked out of your head, onto paper and in front of the right people that can make it a real product for you. You're likely buzzing with ideas, from colour schemes to stand up pouches as packaging so that your product can be the stand-out option on the shelves that you've been dreaming it could be.
Black and Brown Wooden Wall Decor

Your Options

When you have an idea for a great product, you need to protect it. You have to consider whether you want to make it and distribute it yourself, or you wish to license it to another company. You need to ensure that no one can take your idea (hello, patent) and you should only ever share your idea with the people that you trust the most.

Documenting Your Idea

After the initial excitement that you've come up with a product that people could use - and you could profit from - you need to ensure then that the idea you want to put out to the people is one that will be genuinely yours. Sure, a lot of products on the market are similar, but that's the key: they each have their own unique selling point. You need to document yours so that you can transform the idea into a tangible product.

Develop A Prototype

You've got it all documented, you've done all the research, your patent is in the planning stages. The prototype is what you can use to sell your product idea before you start mass production. It's what you can use to show people the physical item you want to make so that you can give them an idea of what they will be getting. It costs money, so it's something you should do right the first time!

Find A Manufacturer

While you find a manufacturer that can build your prototype, consider your manufacturer for production, too. Some manufacturers will do a 3D prototype for you while others will offer a different service. Get a few opinions and a few quotes before you start, and you can ensure you put your money in the right place.

Get It To Market

Social media is one of the places that you can start talking about your product and getting some audience feedback, and it's going to be valuable when it comes to selling. Once you begin marketing your invention, you can then think about how the public will receive it and whether it will be popular.


When you've gone through all of these stages, you can plan your launch with the right people, the right PR and the right time. Convert your product into an invention, and you'll be on the path you've dreamed of being on.

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