Time To Streamline

Getting your business off of the ground was one thing, making it streamlined and functional is another challenge entirely but when you’re looking to grow your business what can you do to iron out the kinks and reach maximum success?

As an entrepreneur you’ve worked long hours to get where you are today, so what are the next steps? We take a look at what you can be doing to improve efficiency in your Small to Medium Enterprise (SME).

Cloud Based Networking

If you and your team function across a traditional network, you’ll be well aware of the costs that come with that, from IT support to the security threat that lurks around the corner. When one computer gets a virus, this often exposes everyone and the clean up job can be costly.

Traditional networked operations are also restrictive when it comes to working outside the office, so it might be time to think about the Cloud as a viable alternative.

The main advantages are related to cost, ease of shared access and the ability for greater freedom to work remotely. If you’re looking to save office costs by having everyone working remotely, this could represent a significant step forward. Choose a Cloud server that offers you good security and round-the-clock technical support. Have staff avoid using open wifi networks to gain access to Cloud-stored documents but instead only use trusted wifi sources.

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Work Smarter

With great software that makes your working life so much easier. Many of us are wary about splashing out on the latest software just for the sake of it but some task sharing apps, such as Asana are great for getting your team working more cohesively together.

You’ll also want to consider a performance management solution such as ELMO software to bring your Human Resource tasks back into some kind of order.

If you don’t already outsource your bookkeeping, then you’ll want to take a look at software that operates a 360 degree approach to the numbers. Look for a product that not only manages your staff pay every month but also sorts and sends invoices and pays the bills.

While it may feel like a significant next step, making the right kind of investment in your business is the logical next step forward. Have your team behind you and kept in the loop about your plans to take your business to a higher level.

Whether you choose something radical like having everyone working remotely or if you just choose to upgrade your software packages to ensure smoother processes, your business will thank you for it in the long run. Explore Cloud options with some careful planning and research into what packages might be available to you before taking the plunge and find a deal that meets your individual business and personnel needs.

Making bold steps takes courage but you’ve got this far in your business by taking these big steps so don’t let a little fear hold you back from achieving bigger and better things.

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