The Gaps In Security In Your Business

Security needs to be a top priority, wherever it is you work. It needs to be something you focus on when you’re setting up a business, and it needs to be something you herald for as long as you’re operating in a professional capacity. After all, you could lose a lot of money and a lot of resources to any gaps in what’s meant to be your secure fence, and you need to be able to identify these gaps before they even become apparent to you.

So here’s just a couple of things to think about when it comes to being aware of how secure your business is. Whether you work in a physical capacity, or you’re just available online, there’s always going to be someone looking to worm their way in, and you need to prepare for them.

Is Your Shop Floor Ever Unattended?

If you’ve got a shop of your own to work out of, and you’re proud of how far you’ve come to be able to afford to rent out the space you work in and fill it with your own inventory, you need to always have an eye on the shop floor. You can’t always be in the back room on a computer, and at no point should all of your staff be taking their lunch together. Even when you’ve got CCTV in every corner of the store, there’s a chance there’s a blindspot somewhere, and there’s a lot of criminals who can identify that spot as easy as breathing.

Which means there always needs to be at least one person on the shop floor at all times. There needs to be a member of staff either walking up and down the aisles, or always stood or sat behind the counter, to make sure some kind of staff presence is always known. Not to mention, an empty store can be a very effective deterrent for paying customers, and you don’t want to turn any business away!

Who Has Some Access to Your Data?

If you’re running an online business, you’ve got to be aware of who has access to the company side of things. A customer’s own profile is their business to look after - the company profile needs to be a part of the site you stick to like glue. After all, a lot of data leaks and potential hacks can come from inside the building, so if you’ve written the password down anywhere that’s visible in the office, be sure to remove it.

Next, you need to be sure you’ve got an encryption layer on your website, so that any messages containing important data are passed secretly and in code between a customer’s PC and your server. It’s something someone like Ardi Kolah would recommend! An SSL is very common in the online world nowadays, so it won’t be hard to set one up, if you haven’t already.

Where are the gaps in your business’ security? Could you do something about them, even today?

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