How To Stand Out Online With Your Marketing

When it comes to marketing, it’s really important to be able to stand out - especially nowadays with so many people out there seeming to offer similar products and services and making a lot of noise that feels like it’s becoming ever harder to get noticed online.

However, if you’re really not sure how to go about making yourself and your business stand out and be noticed with your marketing, then in this post we’re going to share with you how to stand out online with your marketing.

Be polarizing:

The concept of being polarizing has always been there in marketing, but in recent years many people have taken it to extremes and so now it’s becoming something of controversial thing that people take to mean that you have to be out there insulting people or saying things that will get attention just to cause trouble and set yourself apart, but these people seem to not really understand what it means to be polarizing, and often see a large backlash as a result of posting things that just end up annoying their audience.

Being polarizing actually just means having specific values that you’re not afraid to voice in relation to your business and being strong when challenged in those. For example, a polarizing opinion could be that you really don’t believe in people going into debt for coaching, whereas other people will be okay with telling people to do this. You can create content around this to show your stance on it and allow people who are your ideal clients to gravitate towards you because they share the same belief.

Give real value:

When it comes to marketing you need to be giving real value and not just a lot of fluff. For example, instead of just writing blog posts that ramble on about your opinion on a certain topic and making it all about you, you should create one that breaks down how to do something or how to understand something, for example, like effective procurement for beginners to give them some tangiable results that they can walk away with on this topic.

Back up what you say:

Many people who are marketing their business online today really seem to be regurgitating the same old things that everyone else is talking about and aren’t really able to back up what they say with genuine facts and statistics or results. So, how you would do this is by only sharing on things where you fully understand the topic and can share what results you’ve been able to get for your clients through things like metrics, testimonials, etc.

Don’t be afraid to try different things:

A big part of business and marketing is about taking risks and trying new things, so especially in marketing if you want to stand out, then you should never be afraid of trying new things that are able to get you noticed since this is what will really set you apart when everyone else is using the same strategies and writing the same copy.

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