Money-Saving Tips for Motorists

Motoring costs are increasing all the time, which is why so many people are changing to public transport or cycles. This is not possible for everyone though, and even for those that it is, they do not always want to have to spend an extra hour every day commuting because of the bus and train timetables. The better way for most is to try and find ways to reduce their motoring costs.

Claim Fuel Discounts And Use Fuel Wisely

There is no doubt that fuel is the most expensive part of motoring. However, there are a number of options that offer either a discount on the price of fuel or cashback which means you can make a decent saving. On each individual purchase these do not always seem to amount to much, but over time they mount up and will provide you with a free tank of fuel occasionally.

Never buy the premium fuels either. These cost more money and in spite of the claims made by the retailers, these will only make any real difference if you are driving a high-performance car. You can also save a bit of fuel by not pressing the accelerator to start it. With older cars, this had to be done, but with the electronic systems that start them these days, it is not needed.

If you drive a cold car quickly, it will use more fuel. They are at their least efficient when they are cols and as well as wasting fuel it will contribute to making the engine wear out quicker.

Consider Leasing Instead Of Buying

When you drive a new car off the forecourt you immediately lose a fortune in depreciation. You can avoid this huge loss by leasing a car instead of buying one, especially if you are financing it through a loan of some sort or HP.

With a lease, you agree on a term and make a monthly payment for that period. At the end of the term, you either buy the car or replace it for a new one with a new lease. Often your monthly payments work out less than having an HP agreement, and there are deals around that include all the servicing and road tax.

The Mercedes GLA Personal Operating Lease offer is just one example of how this works, and how for many people it means they can afford a better car for the same as they would be paying through some other method.

Get Several Insurance Quotes

The insurance system in the UK has several quirks that you need to exploit. As well as getting quotes from different companies, get them for different scenarios from each one.  For instance, some companies reduce the premium if you add your spouse to the policy, and some charge less for fully comprehensive insurance than they do for third-party, fire and theft. Neither of these situations makes much sense to the layman, but they are options that are out there and they could reduce your insurance significantly.

There are other things that can reduce your motoring coats too. Always have a minor repair dealt with before it turns into something major, get as much weight out of the car as you can by emptying the boot apart from essentials, and forget the local carwash, clean your car yourself.

These might all seem like little things but over a year the can amount to a lot of money and make the difference between you be able to afford to run your car or taking the bus.

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