How to Sell Anything

People are not born as salespeople; it is something that can be learned. Throughout our lives, we all sell to some extent, most of the time without realizing we are doing it. If you convince someone to let you borrow his or her car, for instance, you have sold yourself as a good driver.  This is just an example, but anyone can sell anything if they follow these tips.

Sell Yourself

This is the most important part of selling any product or service. If the person you are trying to sell to does not like you, it will not matter how good the item you are selling is, they will buy it from elsewhere. The best way to deal with this is to make sure that you know your product, that you are well presented and that you act like the salesperson you would like to buy from.

Listen Carefully

A good salesperson will always listen carefully to what the client is saying to make sure that they provide the right product for the job. If brushed servos will solve their problem and enable them to boost their business’ productivity, that is what you need to sell them and not something that will not do the job. Clients will always be more inclined to deal with salespeople who take notice of what they are saying, and it is often a case of listening more than you talk.

Know Your Customers

Some salespeople make the mistake of trying to sell to anyone at all. The problem with this is, is that if you are trying to sell something for $5 thousand to someone who has a budget of a lot less; you are wasting your time and theirs. You should know something about all prospective customers before you meet them and that could save you time and embarrassment for the clients that cannot afford what you are selling.

Why Have They Agreed To See You?

Ask yourself why a new business client has agreed to a meeting with you? What has motivated them to sit down and chat about your products? If they are busy people you are fairly safe to assume that they are at least interest in what you sell, but take care at this stage not to be over-enthusiastic, as that can be off-putting.

Don’t Complicate Matters

When you are selling your product, keep any explanations as simple as possible. You do not need to make a product sound complicated as that could stop someone from buying. The simpler things sound the more likely you are to make a sale. Do not make your pitch lengthy either, as the potential client will have stopped listening to what you are saying. 30 seconds is the ideal to start with, and then answer any questions they may have. Keep your answers simple, just like the original pitch.

There is no magic formula for being a successful salesperson, Anyone can learn how to sell and one of the best tips of all is to think how the person you have been chatting to will feel after you have left. Have you created a good impression of yourself and the product? If the answer is yes you are well on your way to being a salesperson.

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