How to Market Your Interior Design Business

In any type of business, the marketing strategy is an integral part of success. Without a great marketing strategy, your potential customers will be headed elsewhere. It can be difficult to narrow down the best ways to market your business and pull in the right custom. So, as an interior design business owner, what should you be doing?

Updating Your Business Cards

Business cards are handy little tools. Not matter where you are – a networking event, the shopping mall, the hairdressers – you can always hand out these cards when the right time presents itself. As an interior designer, everything you design will be scrutinized. If your business card has a poor design, what’s to say you won’t be poor at interior design too? As the only item a potential customer has to remind them of your business, your card should say something good about you. If you’re able to, you should come up with a unique design that represents your style.

Keep Social Media Up to Date

The internet is ever changing and that certainly includes social media. The latest news in the morning will never be the same as the afternoon. It’s nowhere near enough for an interior design business to post once in a while. Since your business is largely based on visuals, it’s a great idea to post videos of your latest work. For example, the latest colours you’re enjoying working with or the fact that your new go-to flooring is polished concrete. You can see some great examples at

A Digital Portfolio

I’m sure you don’t need to know that interior designers need a portfolio but giving your potential customers easy access to it is another thing entirely. Everyone that looks at your business is already looking for a portfolio, so having one online allows anyone and everyone to see your work. Aside from having a few pictures on your website, visitors should be able to access a separate portfolio with an extensive range of the work you’ve done. This portfolio should be kept up to date. There’s nothing worse than visiting the website of an interior designer just to find pictures of work done twenty years ago.

Website Revamp

Of course, as an interior designer, website maintenance may be the last thing you have time for. However, it’s more important than ever to have a website that looks good and is user friendly. If your website needs a face lift, it could be time to call in the website professionals and invest in some visuals that are eye-catching to your clientele. Your website also needs to run efficiently. A slow loading website will put people off. When you work with a web designer, you can do everything from visuals to wording and SEO and even create a long-term plan for your website.

Get Involved

Business networking is just as important for interior designers as it is any other business. In fact, it’s a great way to throw ideas around with like minded people. Not only will you get some new and refreshing ideas from others but it’s also a ideal for building your authority in the industry. The more people get to know you and your work, the easier it is to build a name for yourself. It doesn’t mean having to go to the trouble of holding your own events, but you should make sure you make regular appearances at important industry events elsewhere.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog means devoting more time to your business but it’s also an ideal way to reach your audience. It’s another way to become an authority in your community. Whether people agree or disagree with your ideas, you can be sure your opinions will get where you want them to be. Of course, your business blog shouldn’t be used to air your each and every thought but it’s a great place to showcase your passion for what you do and how well you do it.

Know Your Competition

There’s no point in marketing your business until you know your competition. What makes you stand out from the crowd? What can you offer that the competition can’t? Identifying your unique selling points is the best thing you can do before putting a marketing strategy into place. Knowing the competition is a great way to get to know your own business even better. Play to your strengths and show your potential clients that your business is the obvious choice for their needs.

Give your marketing strategy a bit of style, just as you would anything else.

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