Signs You Need a Career Change, Fast

Changing careers can be a big move. It can make you feel uncertain, doubtful of your abilities, and frightened of the future. However, there’s no denying the signs that point to the fact you need a career change.

When you notice the signs, it’s time to look for a career change before you get to a terrible point in your career - you might burn out from working too hard, or suffer mental health issues from hating the job you spend 38 hours plus a week at.

Here are the signs to look out for:

You’re Bored

Being bored at work means you could be making better use of your talents and skills. While this doesn’t always mean you need a career change (it could just mean you need to find a way to employ more of your skills), it is a bad sign, especially when paired with others on the list.

You Dread Going To Work

Actually getting that feeling of dread in your tummy before going to work is a terrible sign. Did you know that we have a ‘second brain’ in our gut, so learning to listen to it is important if you want to figure out the direction you’re supposed to go in. It’s normal to feel a little ‘meh’ on a Sunday when Monday is looming, but if you have that feeling of dread more often than not, you should start looking for another job.

You’ve Already Been Thinking About Applying For New Roles

Why would you think about applying for new roles if you were happy in your current role? Maybe you just need a change. Maybe you hate your job so much that you’re willing to take a few steps back. You could look into apprenticeships in london, which are a good way to take a completely new direction with your career, as you can learn on the job and figure out whether this is the right industry for you.

Your Workplace Doesn’t Match Up With Your Values

Perhaps it’s not actually your job or role in the workplace. Maybe it’s your workplace. If your workplace doesn’t match up with your values then something isn’t right. You should fit in seamlessly with your colleagues and the company culture. You should believe in the company’s goals for doing what they’re doing. Your ‘why’ should more or less match up with their ‘why’. Take a long look at these things, and if things aren't matching up, it’s a sign you should change careers.

Changing careers can be scary, but doing something about it now rather than later, when things are even worse, is the smart thing to do. It’s never too late to change career, and there’s no rule book that says you can to stay in the same role/industry forever. Make a big change, or a small change. Listen to your gut and figure out where your internal compass is pointing you.

Leave your thoughts below. Thanks for reading!

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