The Easiest Ways To Increase Your Earnings Potential

Sometimes it can be a little disconcerting when we take a look at our pals only to see them catapulting up the rungs of their chosen career ladders. You, on the other hand, may feel like you have stagnated. Sure, you love your job, but you’ve been in the same role for four or five years now, your wage isn’t increasing, and your promotion prospects don’t look all that buoyant. Instead of sitting at your desk and waiting for new job opportunities to come along, you need to be proactive. Take a look at these simple ways that you can increase your earnings potential.


Take On Extra Responsibility


Even if you might not be receiving any financial reward, offer to take on more responsibility in your current role. By managing a small team, overseeing another department or carrying out an audit, you are showing your boss just how vital you are to the company. Not only will he or she not want to lose you, but they may also be willing to pay you more to stay. You need to show off just how much of an asset you are. By taking on more duties, you’ll also be broadening your experience which is a fantastic way of enhancing your resume should you choose to seek new opportunities elsewhere.


Upskill Yourself


In an age of austerity, it’s pretty rare to find a company who is willing to send you on the most expensive and comprehensive professional courses. As such, you may need to finance these yourself. However hard a hit this is to your wallet, the qualification you receive will pay for itself over and over again when you apply for jobs, and you find yourself securing interviews. Degrees like the online BBA in marketing are flexible and allow you to study in your own time. This means you can continue working full time and complete your assignments on the weekends or in the evenings.




As a professional, you should be building a network of contacts throughout your career. This should be evolving all the time. If you are seeking new opportunities put the feelers out and let colleagues know. They may be able to point you in a certain direction or, if they know of a company looking to fill a new position, you could find yourself being headhunted. Try and secure yourself a position presenting at the next industry conference to show off your skills and get yourself noticed. Make a name for yourself, and industry insiders will be keen to secure your services.


While it may seem like your career is stalling a little, you are merely caught in a professional rut. These ruts, while tricky to get out of, are not made for you to simply wallow in. If you want a new job, more responsibility, better benefits or a greater basic wage, you need to be proactive and work on yourself and your skills to get it. Follow this advice, and you could soon be boosting your earnings potential.

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