It's Never Too Late To Retrain!

Really, when you think about it, the way in which we get young people thinking about careers is utterly preposterous. How much do you really know about yourself by the age of 13? How can you be expected to pick a career that you’ll stick out until retirement age when you’ve never worked a day in your life? How can the youth of today be expected to function as a set of newly minted adults when they’ve never had to juggle the combination of low income, expensive housing and an economy that’s skewed increasingly away from ownership and towards sharing of resources. The reality of the increasingly fast moving and unpredictable 21st century economy is increasingly at odds with the career training honed in the “golden age of capitalism” between World War II and the rise of neoliberalism in 1979 that most kids learn in school today.

But while it’s crazy to expect kids to come out of school or university with a fully formed sense of what their lifelong career will be, so too is it a little bit bonkers to expect those plans never to change. After all, we change as we get older; our priorities shift and so do our parameters to success. We might never achieve our dream jobs or become millionaires. Nonetheless, we can retrain if we feel that we’re hurtling towards the dead end of a career we’ve come to despise. Whether you’re in your thirties, forties, fifties, or sixties, it’s never too late to put the experience and education you’ve amassed towards a career that can be both lucrative and rewarding…

App development

Make no mistake, the future is mobile. As we become increasingly reliant on our smartphones to consume media, make purchases and even move our money between bank accounts, mobile app development has become an area of extraordinary demand that shows no sign of slowing. There was a time when mobile apps were the domain of the international heavy hitters but now even small businesses are becoming wise to the benefits of having their own mobile apps. The great thing about app development is that it is free of snobbery. The college educated and the self-taught are held in equal esteem so long as they have the skills and knowledge to get the job done.


Teaching may not be the easiest of careers, but it’s certainly amongst the most rewarding. Not only do you get to make a real difference in the lives of young people every day, you’ll start every day with a feeling of purpose that your peers in others sectors can only dream of. Moreover, as you progress you will be given opportunities to take on extra pastoral responsibilities or advance your skills to further your career and make very good money. Those summer holidays don’t hurt, either!


If you’ve always been of a handy disposition and have entrepreneurial ambitions, establishing your own plumbing business could be the best career move you ever made. Plumbing courses are relatively affordable and easy to find, and while you will have some overhead costs as you amass your tools and equipment, you’ll quickly recover your costs. The UK especially is desperately short on plumbers and according to the laws of supply and demand, you can earn yourself a lucrative career by helping people in times of acute distress. That sounds pretty rewarding to us!

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