Creating The Ideal Customer Experience Within You Business TODAY

When you started your business I am sure you had grand plans for what was to come. You may have had this idea for some time, nurtured it in your mind about the avenues you would take. What you may have achieved in year one, year two and beyond. Making the dream a reality is only half the story for some people and entrepreneurs out there, and taking your business from an idea into something physical requires work and dedication.

But once you have your business, your location, your showroom or shop, you need to ensure that how you conduct your business is going to attract those customers. A business needs customers, it needs sales of some sort, no matter what niche and industry you are in. Whether you provide products or services, you business needs to sell them in order to stay afloat, and a lot of the time business can be conducted face to face in your own business environment. So how do you get it right? I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can create the ideal customer experience within your business starting today.

Is your business easy to find?

Conducting business in your own office, showroom or shop is a huge deal for you as you are on your own home turf. You have displays and marketing information to hand, but you need to ensure that those customers can find you. If you don’t have the benefit of a high street location where it is easy to spot you, then ensure you have decent maps and directions online. Many people go to websites to find out locations, and so having the right information there is organised and dealing with customer issues from the start.

Is the premises clean and tidy?

Having an appointment booked in means you are expecting people at a certain time, so you might want to ensure that where you will be discussing things is a clean and tidy environment. Your business should be anyway, but people can get a little lazy in terms of dusting and hoovering from time to time. This is when having a cleaning company coming in regularly could save you that hassle. Websites like can give you an idea on price and what services could suit your business. It helps if a customer feels like your office and business environment is tidy and ready to conduct business. Whereas an untidy space can give off the opposite impression.

How are you and any staff presented?

Much like you are ensuring your office and business showroom or shop is clean and tidy you also need to think about your own personal appearance and hygiene, as well as any staff you have working for you. Again first impressions count for a lot, and so having a decent appearance yourself could be a great way to make a decent first impression. You don’t need to be suited and booted if that isn’t your thing. But smart and well presented just helps to give off the impression that you are serious and mean business. Websites like could provide further insight.

Having all the right information to hand

Before any meeting takes place, make sure you have what you need to answer any questions. Perhaps a sales program or catalogue for potential customers to take away. Examples of things you think they may like. You may not be able to preempt every question or concern, but having as much information to hand shows preparation.

Once in the meeting avoid further distractions

Once your customer arrives and the formalities are over with then ensure you have no further distractions to deter you from what you have as your focus right now. Switch your phone off or put it on silent, ensure staff know you are busy to only disturb in absolute emergencies. A customer likes to feel valued, so ensure you give them that courtesy and experience.

Sticking to the agenda without sounding too formal

You may want to discuss business all of the time, but sometimes this can seem too formal or pushy. So while you want to stick to the agenda of business, ensure that you ask questions and show genuine interest in what someone has to say. Ask about themselves, why they want that particular product or service you offer. Of anything some of the informal chat could provide you further insight into what you could potentially offer them.

I hope that this has given you some food for thought in terms of the customer experience you offer in your business.

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