Getting Into Buy-to-Let Real Estate
When it comes to wise financial investments, real estate is one of the most positive bets out there. If you are employed, you are probably aware that your position is never guaranteed and if you are self-employed, you are probably familiar with fluctuations in your income. It’s always a good idea to have a sound financial income coming in alongside your regular salary or takings. Real estate can provide you with this! There are two options when it comes to real estate. The first is purchasing a property to sell it on to another buyer at a higher price. The second, which we will focus on, for now, is to purchase a property and then let it out to a tenant. Here’s everything you need to know when getting started!

Buy-to-Let Basics

Buy-to-let real estate secures you a monthly income. If you have used a mortgage to purchase the property, you should charge the tenants slightly more than the mortgage rate. This means that they are essentially paying off the mortgage for you and you have a little extra to add to your own pocket on the side. If you bought the property outright, or you have been letting the property for a while, and the mortgage has been cleared, you can keep the entire monthly payments as extra income. Perfect!


When you first purchase the property with the intent to let it, you need to decide whether you will carry out any refurbishments before putting it out on the market. The best way to determine this is to take a look at similar properties on the market. Look at other houses in the local area. If your property is falling below standard, it’s time to vamp it up a bit. Alternatively, you could justify charging slightly more than the average rate for the area if you install extra facilities or carry out significant improvements.


Becoming a landlord is a responsibility. You need to ensure that the property is up to standard and in its best condition at all times once tenants move in. So, be prepared and plan your property management beforehand. Using property management services will ensure that everything is always running smoothly, increasing your tenants’ quality of living and helping to guarantee rental returns, as tenants will want to stay put rather than leaving.

Finding the Right Tenants

It’s a good idea to always meet your tenants before allowing them to move in. You want your property to be inhabited by trustworthy people who will treat it correctly. Bad tenants can cause all sorts of damage. So choose people who you think you can maintain a good professional relationship with. Ensure that they are provided with your contact details should they need to talk to you at any time regarding the property or problems that may arise.
While this is a concise and concentrated guide, it is comprehensive and hopefully aids you in your journey to delving into the buy-to-let real estate market. This is a great investment just waiting to happen!

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