4 Signs That Your Sales Team Is Ready For Your Next Exhibition

For any business owner, an exhibition signals a golden opportunity to rake in more than your market share of clients. The playing field is determined, and you have reserved your preferred floorspace, and with a high number of visitors expected, this is your chance to walk away with an impressive sales report, all you have to do is make sure you have every angle covered, and with that in mind, here are some sure-fire signs that your team is ready to rock and roll.

  1. The Right Stand Design – No matter how good your sales team is at closing, there’s not much they can do with an empty stand, and unless you invest in a state of the art modular design, your sales force are not likely to be overworked. If you want the best, modular exhibition stands are easy to assemble and dismantle, and with a design team in your corner, the contractor can transform your vision into reality. Once you have a stunning stand with the right lighting and ambience, the stage is set.

  1. Product Knowledge – This is essential, and any newbies should be given a short but comprehensive overview of what you are offering. According to research, lack of product knowledge is a major reason for not closing the deal, so it makes sense to ensure every team member is fully conversant with every aspect of your business.

  1. Team Spirit – This is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of any sales team, and without it, you can expect mediocre results at best. Your sales manager should arrange a team talk every morning, shortly before the doors open, and after the close of business every evening, the staff should discuss how the day went, looking for ways to improve performance.

  1. The Right Ambience – The night before the show opens, turn on all the lights, and lay out all the printed media, then, hold your sales meeting right there, and this will give you (and your team) a sneak preview of the general ambience, and if there’s an issue with lighting, or anything that doesn’t seem to fit in, now is the time to make the changes. This activity will also reinforce your team that they have the perfect environment in which to entertain. Call it a dry run if you will, but it will expose any weaknesses that would otherwise have been undetected.

Having a successful show is a combination of many variables, and with the right stand and ambience, and a professional sales team, the stage is set to reap the rewards that come with getting it right on the day. If you would like to source the right exhibition stand provider, take a look at their client list, and if it is made up of well-known names, your search is over. Often, the difference between average and outstanding is something insignificant, and if you can tick all of the above, it looks like you are set to break a few records.

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