What is the best credit card for me this Christmas?

With less than 100 days till Christmas, it’s time to determine the best way to pay for all those presents. Providing you can afford to repay your balance in full before interest charges kick in, credit cards are a great way to spread the costs over Christmas. Not only that, if you pick the right cards, you’ll get rewarded for that extra spending you’ll be doing over the next few months. Plus, now is the time to apply to make sure you get hold of your card before the festive shopping spree begins. season
With so many cards in the market now, it’s a mission simply working out which card to choose. There are various options which will help you to figure out what’s the best card for you but here’s my pick of the top ones for all your Christmas spending.


For those who haven’t necessarily budgeted enough cash for this year’s festive shopping spree, a 0% purchase credit card is a great tool to have in your wallet. These cards don’t charge any interest on purchases for a set period, allowing you to pay off your debt in more manageable chunks. Now, I’m certainly not advocating borrowing money to fund your Christmas spending, but if you do want to spread the cost for a little longer, make sure you pay off the entire balance before the 0% period ends, otherwise you’ll have to pay interest on any remaining debt.


If you don’t need to borrow any money to pay for Christmas, then why not get something back each time you spend? A reward credit card will allow you to pick up points each time you spend, which can be converted into various treats. Whether you convert your points into vouchers for shops, airlines or hotels, it’s a great way to earn some extra


Some cards literally pay you to spend on them, and what better time to use these than at Christmas, when I’m sure you might agree with me, all you seem to be doing is spending! Cashback cards will simply reward you by crediting a percentage of your spend back on your card. Just be sure to pay back what you’ve borrowed at the end of the month.

Just Remember...

Whilst shopping this Christmas can have some added benefit, do remember to be realistic about what you can afford to spend and ultimately repay, be disciplined about repayments by setting up a direct debit every month, and remember that credit card providers are out to make money, not offer you a lovely Christmas treat!

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