Let me let you in to a bit of a secret… Black Friday isn’t the be all and end all Christmas deals. Now, we all know you can pick up a decent bargain or two on Boxing Day, but what about the four and a half weeks in between November 24th (Black Friday) and December 26th (Boxing Day). Well look no further, below you’ll find a calendar of additional key dates to scour the holy grail of discounts, the internet. Make sure you sign up to any marketing emails of the brands you like prior to the end of November, that way you’ll be the first to hear when an offer goes live.


Otherwise known as Grey Thursday. A newcomer to the Christmas commerce bargain calendar, but quickly rising up the ranks for nabbing a great deal. This is the Thursday before Black Friday. I know what you’re thinking, “why would brands put discounts up before the biggest promotional day of the entire calendar year?”. Well, it’s because brands are putting their sales and offers earlier and earlier to ensure they make the most of the shopping frenzy that ensues in the run up to Black Friday. So keep those eyes peeled, and don’t miss out on that offer!


Now most of you will know this final Monday in November as Cyber Monday. Traditionally Black Friday was usually associated to brick and mortar retail stores, and once consumers had shopped till they’d dropped in store on the Friday, they continued their holiday purchasing from the comfort of their own home. Cyber Monday has been exclusively for e-commerce stores, however in recent years, stores have taken advantage of the consumer purchasing mindset around this time. You’ll regularly see discounts and flash sales on Cyber Monday, with different offers and sales to those you would have come across on the previous Friday. As suggested above, make sure you are receiving any marketing communications for the brands you’re looking to purchase from to take full advantage of this day.


Next up on the list, (if you haven’t already spent too much!) is Green Monday. Usually the second Monday in December, Green Monday has seen a surge in ecommerce sales over the past few years. Ever since then, the second Monday of the month of December has proved to be one of the busiest and highest grossing dates for most e-commerce stores. The surge in sales can mostly be attributed to online shoppers who are looking to ensure they receive their products in time before Christmas. So, keep your eyes peeled, some interesting offers crop up that you may not have seen prior to this day to try and whet your appetite for one extra purchase.


Free Shipping Day lands on the 15th December. With only 1 week left to get those orders delivered before Christmas, brands take advantage of this to try and get those last-minute orders in. So, if you like browsing online, but the delivery cost sometimes holds you back, pick up those last-minute gifts on the 15th.


This will more than likely be the last few days to get any gifts you need guaranteed to be delivered in time for Christmas. A lot of brands will do one final push to get you to place those panic orders before it’s too late, and often they’ll pair this with an offer to sweeten the deal. My advice to you is this, don’t wait to grab all your bargains until this date, but do keep your eyes peeled as there are often some decent deals to be had to get those last few presents with an added offer.

So, plan your shopping dates well, make sure you know what you need to buy and don’t get sucked in to every offer on the market. Remember, it’s only a good deal if you actually need it.

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