Interested In Investing Overseas? These Are The Countries You Need To Pay Attention To

Property investment has long been at the top of many money making lists. If you’re lucky enough to have the upfront savings behind you, this is an ideal way to a second income. As a landlord, your role is a passive one for the most part. You could take even more of a backseat by entrusting your property to the care of a letting agent. They’ll deal with any queries and complaints and only come to you with the big stuff.

It seems like a money making scheme from the heavens. But, ever-rising house prices mean investing on U.S. soil is harder now than ever before. You need a hefty chunk of money behind you even to stand a chance of making this work. In some ways, rising house prices are a positive, as rent rockets, too. But, that won’t do you any good when you can’t buy that rental property in the first place.
Really, it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs are looking overseas when considering getting wealthy through rental property. Investing in an up and coming country is a sure way to get the most for a smaller sum. In certain areas, whole houses cost less than a deposit would on home soil.

If this is something you’re considering, you could stand to make a lot of money back on your investment. By purchasing property in the right area, you may catch a boom just as it’s happening. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll need to consider a few complications before deciding whether this is the move for you. These are just some of the points you’ll need to research:

  • Property rules and regulations in each country
  • Taxes etc. for overseas buyers
  • Whether you’re actually able to buy property there
  • Understand exchange rates
  • Know how to get around language barriers

Do your research to answer these questions and any others which are worrying you. Then, if you still want to invest, it’s time to consider which destinations should be on your radar. There are many differing opinions about where best to invest, but we’re going to take a look at some hot spots worth your attention.


Our first stop is Singapore, also known as the gateway to Asia. It’s important to state that Singapore is not for those looking to bag a bargain. The cost of living here may be on average 18% cheaper than in New York City, as can be seen on sites like But, this is the most pricey option on this list. If you have a decent sum set aside, there’s every chance that this investment will see more of a return than U.S. property.

Singapore is one of the most up and coming areas and is set to match the likes of Tokyo and London. That said, it has been developing in this manner for a while, so those on the hunt for a bargain might want to keep looking.

Even so, Singapore is worth the attention of more extreme investors. Areas like Central and Serangoon provide a wealth of opportunities. Singapore is also a fantastic option for first time overseas investors given that English is the primary language. If you want time to get your head around buying overseas, this may be a good place to start. You’ll be able to navigate differences in tax laws and so on without worrying about a misunderstanding. Which has got to be a good thing in the long run.

While prices rise and fall here, the fact that Singapore is an island means that space is limited. And, with limited space comes a need for your property. You may have to play the long game with this one, but it’s sure to pay off in the end.


Next on the list is Indonesia. Far from the above hotspot of Singapore, few investors operate on Indonesian soil. As such, the major boom here is yet to come. For the most part, investors have held back because of Indonesian laws making it difficult to buy. But, with those laws ever lessening, now may be the ideal time to act. Bear in mind that as it stands, you will only be able to get a leasehold on a property as a foreigner. But, that law looks inevitably set to change. If you aren’t comfortable with a leasehold, it’s worth waiting to see what happens.

Bear in mind that, as this is a time of change, negotiations here may be more tricky. Plus, you will have a language barrier to negotiate. If you choose to go down this path, it’s worth contacting an English speaker on the floor who can assist you.

Areas worth particular attention are Bali, which is popular with tourists, and Jakarta, which has been hailed as having one of the strongest housing markets in the world. You can find Jakarta properties on sites like, where you’ll be able to gain an idea of just what the prices here look like. To give you an idea of the growth you can expect in this area, apartments sold in 2006 have since tripled in price. And, things can only get better.


Another potential underdog is Turkey. Here, foreign buying laws were lifted in 2012 and saw a 78% rise in overseas investment by the first half of 2013. There’s a good reason investors flocked to buy here. Turkey has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and stunning scenery to boot. It’s an ideal place to put your money. And, the increasing population and developing tourism industry make it likely that you’ll see a decent return.

An area to concentrate on is Istanbul. This connection between Europe and Asia is the 6th most popular destination in the world, and an attractive investment to boot. Despite its popularity, prices here are still well below the European average. So, don’t hesitate to move in fast. Getting ahead of the game here could be what you need to bag your money making bargain.

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