Why Your New Office Should be in London

With its reputation as one of the world’s leading capitals for enterprise, setting up a business in London is a no-brainer for many entrepreneurs. But for those relocating their businesses to the city, finding the right location and the perfect office could be vital for success.
In this post, we’ll take a closer look at why London is the best place to set up your office and why the city is the perfect place to find somewhere to meet your business requirements.

You’re in Good Company

In just one month, three major corporations have moved into huge new office spaces in London. July 2017 saw Adobe, Deliveroo and Amazon set up their global headquarters in the UK’s capital. Inside their respective buildings, it’s clear to see that these companies have every intention to make their mark, with innovative interiors and cutting-edge technology providing a breath of fresh air from the typical bland office setting.
Tech giant Adobe’s new offices on Old Street’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ boasts a rooftop garden and running track, breath-taking views over the city and a mixture of working spaces that are perfect for group collaboration or one-on-one meetings.
Food delivery firm Deliveroo is keen to shed their startup status and establish themselves as a serious corporation – something which is demonstrated by their impressive new office in the City of London. Inside, there’s an on-site gym, 27 meeting rooms, quiet zones and phone booths, hot desking areas and their pièce de résistance – a bright blue, Deliveroo-branded centre court, which will be used for large team meetings.

Taking Office Inspiration

These office moves by established and successful corporations are incredibly significant. They have chosen spots that help demonstrate their influence in the business world, placing themselves alongside other leading technology companies, banks and law firms.
It’s also clear to see that they have placed an emphasis on innovative working spaces for their employees, aiming to foster a creative and collaborative atmosphere – something that your business can consider when setting up your own office in London.

Business Diversity

One of the best things about working in London is its diversity. Whether your business is in manufacturing, retail, digital, fintech, technology or professional, London has such a diverse business landscape that you’ll be sure to find somewhere that’s perfect for your business.
There has been much research into which are the best places to start a business in London depending on industry so as a business owner, you’re able to choose the areas where your business is most likely to receive support and thrive.

Working Spaces

There is so much choice for a business hoping to find an office in London. With plenty of different types of office space to choose from, your business could go for:
  • A co-working space that is shared with other startups and small businesses
  • Serviced offices that are already set up for you, so your business is ready to get started straight away
  • Unfurnished offices, so you can bring your own equipment and put your own stamp on the space
  • Leased office spaces that are perfect for businesses looking for a long-term move
If you’re unsure about which of these office types will best suit your business, you should contact the experts in finding office spaces in London.

Take inspiration from Adobe and Deliveroo and make a statement when setting up your office in London. Not only can it establish your business as one to be taken seriously, it can help you foster a creative working environment with happy employees. Think carefully about what type of office you want and the location that is best suited to your industry and your business could begin to see the benefits of moving to the diverse city of London.

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