Cars That Make You Look Like a Millionaire

The car you drive can have an impact on people. Whether you are trying to impress clients or women, you may want a car that looks far more expensive than it really is. If you are on tight budget, but want a car that makes you look like a millionaire, be sure to check out these cars.

The BMW Z3 Roadster
A BMW is a luxury car. As such, if you are rolling around in one, people will automatically think that you have money. The BMW Z3 Roadster is a small, sporty car. However, the reason this car makes our list is that the body hasn't changed much in years. As such, a 2015 will look nearly identical to a 1996 model to the average person. You can certainly find 1996 BMW Z3 Roadsters at an affordable price and in excellent condition, giving off the illusion of having more money than you really do. Once you have the car, take it for a spin. Ask yourself, “Where to go in Manhattan first?” Or who should I pick up and drive around. Enjoy your car and the way people treat you when they see you rolling around in what they perceive to be an expensive automobile.
Chevrolet Corvette
Just like with the BMW Z3 Roadster, the body shape of a Corvette has not changed much over the past two decades. As such, you may be able to pick up a 2000 or 2001 Chevrolet Corvette inexpensively and most people won't even be able to tell that it is not a newer model. A Corvette is a classic car that is often linked with status and money. If you are riding around in one of these cars, you surely must have money. Buying this can help fool people into thinking you have more money than you do. However, the downside to this car is that you can easily have a lead foot and speed. If you get a speeding ticket while driving around in this car, be sure to check into a defensive driving course to help offset an increase in insurance that may be coming down the pipe due to your ticket.
Infiniti G35
The last car on our list is the Infiniti G35. These cars are luxury automobiles that are often purchased by the rich and famous. However, just like with the Corvette and the Roadster, the shape of this car may make others mistake it for a newer one. While the G35 stopped being sold in 2007, this model looks nearly identical on the outside to the Infiniti Q50. This makes it hard for someone to tell the difference between an older model and a newer one, unless they are car savvy. As such, if you pick up an older model of the G35, which you can do for under $15,000, you will be able to fool a lot of people into thinking you are driving a newer model Q50, as long as the paint and body is in good condition.
Many people believe they can tell a lot about someone based on the type of car they drive. They may be able to tell how much money you have and what your status in life is. However, this is not the truth. There are many cars out there that look more expensive than they really are. However, if you are looking to make a splash and make people think that you are a millionaire or make more money than you do, you may want to pick up one of these cars to fool people with this train of thought.

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