What Does the State of Your Business Premises Say About You?

Have you ever wondered why your store doesn’t get many customers? Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps your office is the reason why investors are turned off when making deals with you? Take a moment and think about your business and the current state it’s in. If you can safely say that your business looks and performs as well as you want, then you’re probably good and you can skip over this article. However, if there’s even the slightest amount of doubt that is causing you to think twice about the current state of your business premises, then this article is going to do you wonders.

Focus on Connectivity

If you’re running a business and you still use a slow internet connection that can barely load a YouTube video, then you’re in desperate need of an upgrade. However, the internet connection doesn’t tell the full story. After all, even if you’re lucky enough to get a dedicated gigabit connection, it won’t do squat for you unless your network devices are equally equipped to handle the insane speeds. Make sure you have good network equipment, make sure your WiFi coverage reaches all across the office, and ensure you aren’t skimping on connectivity. If you show your employees and customers that you care about connectivity, then it’s a good sign that you’re in touch with technology.

Waste Everywhere

If you’re leaving around empty boxes, loose bits of paper and useless pens that have been dry for the past year around the floor, then you need a serious cleanup with a dedicated service. If your office has suffered from water or fire damage in the past and you’ve neglected to clean it up, then you’re in even worse shape and you’re going to need a specialist service like ServiceMaster Clean to clean up your premises and give it a fresh new look. Not only does this indicate you’re a lazy business owner, but also one that doesn’t care about health and safety.

Overflowing Storage Rooms

Do you love buying things? Who doesn’t! But if you’re adamant about keeping your storage rooms stocked in the event of an emergency, then you’re probably taking it a bit too far. Not only does overloading your storage rooms waste money, but it’s also prone to having its contents stolen by employees who see your business as having too much money. After all, if there are literally thousands of pens and post-it notes in your storage room, then what do you lose if your employee takes some? Although stealing is never a good idea, you shouldn’t encourage it by making it look like your business has plenty of items to spare, and you should always try to avoid overfilling your storage rooms. Having too many things is usually a sign that you’re a little over-prepared for situations. Planning for disaster is never a bad thing, but wasting money on items that you won’t use for months is a sign of bad financial management and planning. You want to have just enough to make it through your business day, not a year’s supply of stationery that you won’t use before your next order.

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