Physically Fit? Here Are Some Money-Making Ideas

So you’re someone who can confidently write “physically fit” on their resumé. You’re no couch potato; you love to exercise, and you’re certainly that your great physical fitness can be used to earn you some money. You run a lot, you’re always energetic, you have great strength - and you probably have a pretty impressive physique, too!

Is there a way you can actually turn your physical fitness into an asset that can land you a bunch of cash? There are ways you can do this on a short-term basis, sure, but why not use your physical fitness in a career? This will pay off so much more in the long run, especially with the lucrative jobs we’re going to list here. Besides, jobs that involve a lot of sitting down aren’t exactly very healthy for you, so perhaps more people should be looking to avoid them…

The danger of sedentary lifestyles

Most people associate lucrative jobs with office jobs. They don’t tend to think of these are particularly energetic jobs, of course; you can excel in these fields without being particularly physically fit or having a good physique. But there are so many long-term health risks that come with jobs that don’t demand anything of you physically.

Long-term mood problems are common when people have been working sedentary jobs - that is, jobs that basically involve you sitting down all day - for several years. You end up not getting exercise regularly enough, even if you have a workout session after work. The mental health benefits of exercise shouldn’t be underestimated - and a sharp mind never hurt anyone when it came to making money!

The other risks that come with these sorts of jobs include weight gain that comes with a lack of exercise; blood sugar spikes are also common due to the same lack of activity and the need to get energy boosts from snacking.

So while you may think that an office job can make you more money than other types of careers - which, of course, isn’t necessarily true - it can come with a bunch of others risks that may not be worth it. So if you have the fitness chops to take on a more active career, then perhaps you should think twice before chaining yourself to a desk. We’re going to take a quick look at some amazing money-making opportunities for those who are physically fit!


Well, duh, you might think. Surely this is the most obvious answer of them all, right? And it’s not as if sports is something that only a small minority of people are interested in. Hundreds of millions of people of all ages, across both sexes, all around the world, are wildly interested in sports, and many of them play it recreationally with their friends. And for those who like to remain physically active and fit, doing this professionally sounds like a dream. After all, professional athletes are required to train regularly, sometimes every day, in order to stay competitive, remain in demand, and maintain their edge. Surely getting being paid to remain fit and play sports is a dream come true?

Obviously it’s not all that easy to break into the sports industry. It’s not as if we can start listing out the ways you should try to get into the industry, either - after all, there are so many sports we’d have to cover! But some general advice may help. Doing local voluntary work with sporting communities, or being willing to go semi-professional, is a great way to get your foot in the door. Working with local coaches and researching local sporting leagues is something you should consider.


Many people still seem to live under the impression that modeling is sleazy in some way. And sure, it might be true that there are some characters in and aspects of the industry that aren’t all that wholesome. But let’s fact it: what business can you not say that about? Besides, at the end of the day, the sensationalist, glamorous, and, yes, sometimes drug-fuelled depictions you may have seen of this career in the media is largely complete bunk. Modeling is a serious career that those who think they have what it takes should definitely consider.

Some may assume that all models do is sit still long enough for someone to take their photo. But modeling is tough; not only are those photoshoots actually pretty grueling most of the time (another reason only the physically fit need apply!) but your livelihood depends on how you maintain your looks, putting additional pressure on you when it comes to remaining physically fit. It can be notoriously tough to get into the industry, but it’s certainly not impossible. The Internet has definitely helped a lot of people in this regard. helping things. Learn about and get actively involved in photography and Instagram, and get networking with photographers and modeling agencies.


There are a lot of misconceptions about the life of a trainer. Many people assume that these guys are basically just paid a bunch to exercise in front of a group of people. (This, of course, ignores personal trainers who only work with one client at a time!) But the fact is that you generally don’t get enough of a workout to yield that many physical benefits while you’re working as a trainer. Still, being physically fit is a requirement of this sort of career - a trainer who isn’t is going to have a pretty hard time impressing their clients!

People who are physically fit often know quite a bit about both getting physically fit and then and remaining physically fit. The particular exercises, tactics, and diets aren’t as easy to maintain as a lot of people think. Sometimes, a helping hand is crucial. And that, budding fitness trainer, is where you come in! Passing your skills and knowledge on to others people who are having trouble is an incredibly rewarding experience. You’ll need to look into personal trainer courses from the likes of Origym if you want to get into this. After all, it’s not enough for you to simply be physically fit - you also need to be demonstrate that you can actually teach another person, which isn’t quite as simple as you may assume!

Rescue services

If you want to use your physical fitness to really help people? Then perhaps you should consider using that fitness to save other people! A job with emergency rescue services is very demanding, both mentally and physically; it’s vital that you’re in great shape. Yes, you may have seen the occasional overweight cop in your lifetime. But don’t let that lead you to assume that physical fitness isn’t all that important when it comes to this sort of carer. (You should probably just take it as a sign that the people in charge are incompetent!)

Law enforcers, emergency medical teams, and firefighters should be in good physical condition.  Have you ever seen a television show or a movie based around this sort of job? Sure, the reality of these careers may be a little more mundane than you average Hollywood blockbuster, but you’re still going to be expected to lift, run, climb, jump, give chase... all that cool stuff. The fact is that a physically unfit rescue service worker is simply doing a disservice to the people they’re employed to protect. If you really want to use your physical fitness to help others in need, then perhaps this is how you should do it. (Plus, the pay for these jobs can be pretty good indeed!)

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