Escaping the City: A Look at Rural and Suburban Real Estate

For many years, a lot of people were flocking from rural and suburban areas and into the cities. Real estate in cities is still hot, but it’s getting more expensive and less attractive all the time. In fact, there seems to be a rise in popularity when it comes to real estate outside of the city. In these late 2010s years, the rate of population growth has been increasing in rural and suburban areas faster than the population growth in cities.

So why exactly is this? We’re going to take a look at some of the reasons this trend has been taking place.

The lower cost of living

You probably already thought of this one. The fact is that living in the city has become extremely expensive. We’re not even talking about the upfront cost of purchasing and renting a place - everything is more expensive. Food, transport, going to the movies… it means more of your income is going towards rent and other essentials instead of staying in your pocket as disposable income. Of course, jobs in the cities are often higher paying to counter this. Although…

Easier to work anywhere

These days, as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, it’s easier than ever to get the kind of well-paid job that cities offer without having to leave your house! This has become extremely useful for those wanting to live outside of the city. Jobs such as writing, programming, and consultation can be performed in your home office way out in the country.

Closer to nature

Cities are great and everything, but a lot of people are becoming more aware of how much they miss green spaces. Sure, there are plenty of cities that have amazing national parks, but they can’t touch real estate closer to forests, hills, fields, and the like. The air isn’t as clean in the city, which is becoming a bigger problem for more and more people all the time - and for good reason. It can be worth missing out on some of the conveniences of the city just to be somewhere with fresher air and more beautiful, natural scenery.

Increased safety

Way more crime takes place in the cities than in the suburbs or rural locations. While it’s important to check crime statistics in any area to which you’re planning to move, regardless of the type of area, there’s simply no denying that you’re less likely to be a victim of criminal activity when you’re away from the city. And even if you take away the crime element, there’s still a lot of danger to consider. All those cars, all that pollution, all those people… it can feel like there’s danger lurking around every corner!

The family life

At the end of the day, people prefer bigger homes and more open spaces when it’s time for them to raise children. They also want to go somewhere with access to better education - and reports have shown that the better-performing public schools tend to be outside most cities. Pretty much all of the previous aspects come into play when deciding where to raise a family - living costs and safety especially!

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