The Top 4 Investments

When you have money, you need to make sure that it’s in a safe place. There are some definite core investments that are being made all across the world by people who are either wanting to get a return on what they are depositing or holding the value of their money through assets. But what are the top investments to be made? Where can we put our money knowing that it will uphold these values?


There will never be an end to people investing in properties. There’s a big rent cycle at the moment, and if you have cash to spare, getting on the property ladder is relatively easy if you’re not there already. Our generation is holding the biggest percentage of renters that we have ever seen, so getting your property filled once bought (if you are of the mindset that you would like an instant return on your investment) will be quick. Investment properties are guaranteed to hold their value in the long term: once you’re on the property ladder, your investment is safe and secure.


It might seem far-fetched, but gold is actually the cornerstone of economics. The Bank of England secures the value of its currency against the global value of gold. There are sites available online which you can purchase pure bullion from, on which the price changes daily. You can get alerts sent to you if it dips below a certain price that you have set, which can useful if you are investing for the long term. The price of gold is something that is always heavily fluctuating, so while it may seem cheap now, it has the potential develop into something a lot more rewarding if you are going to sell on in the future.

Christmas Trees

Bear with this one - it is something that is quite niche, but more and more people are looking into the rewarding investment of trees. More specifically, Christmas trees. If you are able to buy land but aren’t allowed to build on it (these plots will be a lot cheaper than if you are planning to build), planting trees to harvest in a few years time can be one of the most profitable enterprises that you will ever invest in.

Chinese Banks

An idea that might appear to be against the grain, but one that is gaining popularity as they often trade at very low valuations, offer a 6% yield and potentially high investment returns are Chinese banks. You can access stocks through the Global X China Financials, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Renewable Energy

As the world moves towards sustainable sources of energy, investing in renewable energy appears to be one of the most forward-thinking moves that a potential investor can make. In the United Kingdom and further afield, wind and solar power are offering exciting opportunities that no longer exist in traditional energy sources. Green power companies are gaining more custom as well as receiving government subsidies that makes them one of the most exciting growing industries.

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