3 Things You Can Do Once You're A Qualified Accountant

When you’ve qualified as an accountant, there are a few different things you can choose to do. Of course there are the more obvious career paths, but here are 3 alternative things you could consider:

Go Freelance

Freelancing isn’t easy. You’ll have to take care of your own tax and accounts, as well as other people’s. However, this could be a better way for you to make a living, with more freedom than a fully employed accountant.

Apply For A Job In Another Industry

This might sound a little out there, especially since you’ve qualified as an accountant. However, accountants can usually land jobs in just about any industry. Accountants can help to run airlines, sports teams, clothing labels, and so much more. You could offer strategic business advice, and make every day financial decisions.
You could even travel to another country altogether. How about getting some experience in a foreign country to add to your resume? Some qualified accountants end up traveling all over the world.

Become A CEO

CEOs and CFOs actually work very closely together, and it isn’t unheard of for CFOs to take the next step and begin leading multinational businesses all over the world. You should have a great understand of what makes a business tick, and this in turn can make you a brilliant leader.
Do you want a few more ideas? Of course you do! The below infographic can give you help and advice when it comes to where to take your career.

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