These Entrepreneurs Made Seven Figures In The Digital Jungle

In any endeavour in life, some individuals make it to the top. For some reason - whether it's dedication or innate talent - they’re able to rise above the rest and dominate. This was true in the real jungle that our ancient ancestors lived in, and it’s true in the digital jungle today.

This post is dedicated to those inspiration businessmen and women who managed to carve massive amounts of wealth and success out of the digital realm. Here are some of their stories.

Niche Marketing Expert Stuart Walker

Stuart Walker was always fascinated with the internet and the digital world. Finally, there was a platform that could connect people from all over the globe in one giant marketplace. Walker soon realised, however, that not all businesses shared his passion for the details. They were excited about the prospect of using the digital world to make money, but they didn’t want to learn about all the technical aspects of the web to make that happen.

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As such, Walker decided that the time was right to start up his own niche marketing website. Though he’s not yet thirty, he’s made enough money to live the dream, travelling all over the world in his private plane.

Walker realised that the problem facing many startups was that their founders would often fizzle out before reaching their potential. They would have a crack at things like WordPress development and digital marketing, but they would never develop their skills far enough to really make a return. The purpose of Walker’s website, therefore, is to educate people on the merits of niche marketing and helping individual entrepreneurs reach their business potential.

Tung Tran On How To Drive Online Business

Tung Tran is an entrepreneur who realised that there was a big market in helping other entrepreneurs rank better in search results. When entrepreneurs first start out, many are utterly clueless about how ranking actually works and how to rank on the first page of Google. Tran, therefore, set about creating a set of resources that business people could use.

Ultimately, Tran’s aim is to give people the tools they need to make a living in the digital jungle. He often hears people talking about how much they’d like to start a life for themselves online and leave their regular day job behind, but all too often technical impediments get in their way. Tran wants to be an inspiration to newcomers to the digital scene, showing them that making money on the internet is something that can be done.

Alistair Gill On The Importance Of Content Management

When it comes to getting the word out about your business, there’s a steep learning curve. More goes into content marketing than meets the eye. According to Alistair Gill, a man who runs a blog on all things related to content marketing, the learning process never stops. There’s always something else to explore.

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Gill produces a lot of in-depth posts on how to do things like schedule research, optimise posts for SEO and automate social media marketing campaigns. He wants to make sure that people know how to write posts that are chock full of relevant information for their audience. He says that doing this consistently is the best way to get more people onto your website.

The Importance Of Affiliate Marketing By Dom Wells

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online. However, according to Dom Wells, an affiliate marketing entrepreneur, many business owners bail before they start making good returns. Wells reminds businesses that even with a perfectly executed strategy, affiliate marketing can still take a long time to generate significant returns. For some, it can take up to two years.

But there’s an upside: affiliate marketing can lead to significant improvements in overall company revenue. Wells reminds everybody that there’s still money to be made from niche websites and he continues to add to his portfolio every month.

Jeff Taylor And Building Profitability

Taylor says that one of his guiding principles is to act immediately. He’s seen thousands of people who have great ideas, but without action backing them up, nothing happens. The difference, he says, between people who are successful online and those who are not is that the successful people turn their words into action.

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Using this approach, Taylor managed to sell one of this websites for a seven-figure sum back in 2015. Now he and his partner grow and develop websites with the hope of flipping them for more money in the future. He is a man with a mission to grow online businesses at a rapid clip.

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