How To Harness People Power Inside And Outside Of Your Business

Are you an influencer and a motivator? Do you pride yourself as a mentor? Do you want to? It takes a particularly charismatic and thoughtful person to lead a team to success. You can, of course, learn these skills even if you don’t feel you have them yet. The first lesson is to understand why you need to do this.

People Inside

The people you have hired to run your business are some of the most important people in your life. You have trusted them to care for your baby, nurture it, and nourish it with their talents. If you don’t know the names of these people, then it may be time to take a step back and ask yourself why not. You saw something in their resume and something in their eye at the interview that made you trust them enough to look after your company. If you don’t remember their name, how can you be sure they’re doing their job well?

Build Them As You Build Your Business

Team building is essential in growing businesses. Each individual serves the greater whole, but only if they are supported by the rest of your human resources. Personalities will clash, and competition can get out of hand. How you rein this in and nurture their relationships could make or break your business. Find the talent and let it shine. With just a little bit of attention from you, it’s possible to turn your HR into a major asset. Motivate and inspire your people to work hard and find better ways to get the results you want. They’ll be happier to achieve well if you recognize that is what they are doing.

People Outside

The people outside of your business are just as important as the ones inside. They are your customers, your suppliers, your competitors and your critics. Your company has a brand, and that brand has a personality. Is it likable? Don’t forget, you are the face and voice of that brand. You can be as likable and appealing as you want to be but Joe Public can see right through fake smiles and false stories. Be honest and humble, but most importantly be thankful to the people that support your business - your customers.

It’s A Bad Day But It’s Not Over

There will be mistakes, and there will be bad reviews and malicious tweets. You can fix these with the right PR and attention to detail. Taking care of your customers, even when they’re angry, is what will keep your business going. Today social media can destroy a celebrity’s career and a business’s bottom line. Don’t add fuel to the fire, but do take the time to make things right. If you’re seen to be doing what it takes, and you’re fair, this will help to bring the people back on side.
As the business owner, you have the ultimate power over your company. How you behave and how you harness your people’s skills and talents are what will make or break you. How much do you value the people inside and outside of your office walls?

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