This Is The Trouble With Relying On Tech And Equipment

It breaks. It’s as simple as that, and I genuinely think we could leave this article at two words. If you go on a journalism course, you’ll be told never to rely on hard drives to store copy for one important reason. At some point, those hard drives will stop working. They have a life expectancy, and at a certain time through no fault of yours, they will crash. At that point, you’ve lost all the data that you were storing on that hard drive.

This is why you need multiple copies of any information. And you might be thinking, well surely not anymore with cloud servers? Ah, cloud servers the modern way to store all information. But they aren’t one hundred percent reliable either. A cloud server has been known to randomly delete or lose information. Again, you might say it’s still out there somewhere which means it can be recovered. But just ask the people whose information magically disappeared from Google Docs. It’s not that easy. So already we’ve presented one issue in one industry with relying on tech. There are many, many more.

Heading For Disaster

If your computer network crashes or your systems stop working, you will head into a period of disaster recovery. During this time, your business will no longer be functioning on the market. Instead, you will be crippled, and you’ll need to wait for systems to recover. Depending on the level of support you have this can take anything from a few weeks to a few months. It also depends on how bad the crash was. If it was caused by a hack, it could take even longer. You can plan for a disaster recovery like this and if you do you’ll have a full IT support team on call. This might save you from the damage it could cause for your company, but it’s never a guarantee.

Low Tech Failure

It’s not just hi-tech equipment that fails. Machinery can as well, and if you’re in certain industries, this can be catastrophic. For instance, you might be working in the construction business. What happens if a crucial piece of an equipment stops working. Any project that you’re working on will be delayed. As well as this, you might lose the trust of a client who was hoping you would complete a job on time. Again, there’s a solution because usually if the equipment does fail it’s going to be a small piece. If you can get replacement engine parts, it doesn’t have to be a disaster. Instead, you can cut down the amount of time you lose and ensure that your business is still operating efficiently.

Customer Opinion

Although the biggest issue with relying on tech or equipment is that if it fails you have to answer to your customers. This happened a number of times last year when the services of key businesses were taken down for the count. The businesses who were able to reassure customers and keep them in the loop were the least affected. But it still points to a serious issue with relying on factors that are often far beyond our control.

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