Dispel Those Myths and Get the Job

There are a whole host of common misconceptions out there in the world of work when it comes to particular career paths and choices that make people who want to go down them too scared to do so. Whether this be because of gender, age, race, health or sexual orientation: a lot of stereotypical job ‘specifications’ that are based on them are now just mythical, regardless of whether people still they’re in place or not. The reason for the fact that they are now outdated is because they were in fact put in place in a different time; as time has moved on, so has society.

Non-traditional careers, such as nursing for males and jobs in the trades for women, are fast becoming the norm. Why is this? Because people are starting to realise that just because somebody, or a certain group or type of people, were told they couldn’t do something 100 years ago, it doesn't mean that they can’t today. In relation to males entering the career of nursing, it is even now suggested that they are better at it than their female counterparts due to a number of reasons including their knowledge in the field, a fewer amount of mistakes made, and all-round reliability. Although this is not necessarily the truth, it is a huge step forward for those men out there who wish to enter the profession that this has even been considered, let alone said and documented. And if you are a man that has ever wanted to enter the healthcare profession as a nurse, but thought you wouldn't be the right fit for it because of the stereotypes put in place by society, you should seek to dispel them as soon as possible whilst still remaining aware that it is a long career path to follow if you're only just getting yourself onto it. There are a whole host of certificates, qualifications and licenses to obtain; once done, however, all you have to do is find medical uniforms and you're on your way. You can then rest assured that you are now a part of a profession in which there will always be a demand for skilled people to work in it and that you are doing something you really want to do in life.


Like any male already in the female dominated world of nursing, or any other individual in a career in which they aren’t deemed to fit the job spec, it is important that you follow their lead and don’t let a few myths, or a few naysayers, stop you from following your heart. If you want to follow the career path that makes you feel excited and actually happy to pull yourself out of bed every morning for, then you should do it. On average a person will spend nine hours of their day at work, over five days of the week: because of this, you have to do something you love. Make sure to check out these other myths and facts about unconventional and nontraditional job specs, and see how many of them you can prove wrong yourself!

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