Can You Build a Business with No Employees?

When it comes to managing a frugal business, there is nothing more money-saving than not having employees to pay. It sounds strange, but it is entirely possible to start, run and grow a business without recruiting a single member of staff. Some obvious examples include freelancers who handle everything from the workload to their finances themselves. Other examples include online business owners that buy and sell products, and there are also content creators who work entirely on their own.

If starting and maintaining a solo business sounds attractive to you, then here are a couple of tips to get you started on your one-man army.

Start Small

Even if you did have a solid team of workers that you can afford to pay, that doesn’t mean you should aim too big. When it comes to starting a business, small is always better. You have time to learn, time to grow, and time to make mistakes. If you make too many mistakes after investing in a serious business, then chances are you’re going to flop and you will lose more money than you bargained for. Starting small means that you can slowly grow your business at a pace that makes sense to you. If you feel like you’re overwhelmed with work, then take it easy and slow down. If you feel like you can take on more work, then increase the workload and put your back into it.

Rely on Others

There are plenty of reasons to outsource work if you are a solo business. There will undoubtedly be many things that you simply don’t know how to do. Instead of wasting your time trying to learn things like web design, programming and art and design, make better use of that time by reaching out to an outsourcing company to find graphic designers, writers, video producers and other professionals. Paying for work to be done is fast, it’s straightforward, and there are no messy contracts or issues as long as you pay the agreed price.

Rely on Software

We’ve all heard the doomsayers complaining that machines are going to eventually replace people in the workplace. While it’s not entirely true, it does hold some truth because there are many jobs and roles in the workplace that can be replaced by software. For starters, an accountant isn’t needed if you use cloud accounting software. Most of your basic office tasks, such as invoicing and managing taxes, can be done using software and you won’t need to hire extra employees.

Prepare for Growth

Unless you plan on sticking to a small-scale business, you have to prepare for growth. There are no immediate actions you need to take right away, but it does mean that you should have a plan in place. For starters, thinking about the facets of your business that you are currently struggling with. Do you think that your solution for bookkeeping is a little slow and wastes time? Then consider hiring an accountant. Do you have too little room to operate your business? Consider expanding your office or renting out a different location. Do you need dedicated social media managers? Then post the job listing and start interviewing your first employee.

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