Why Legal Teams Are Necessary for Every Type of Business

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Legal teams are probably the last thing on your mind when you’re starting up a business. Human resources, marketing and IT departments seem like more pressing additions that you should be adding to your business first, but very few people realise the power and importance of a legal team in their business.

Whether your business is a startup or growing to become internationally known, you have to understand the importance of a legal team. It could be a single person, a group of people or an entire team of lawyers—just make sure you get some legal help on board as soon as possible.

Building the right team

Lawyers specialise in various fields (hence the need for a team) and tax lawyers and attorneys are one of the first that you need to consider when putting together a legal team. They can work closely with your financial department to sort out any tax-related problems that you might encounter. Missing tax payments or incorrectly reporting your income and profits can have devastating effects that might ruin your business, so it's incredibly important that your employees work together.

Next, you might want to consider copyright lawyers if you’re working in a very competitive environment that is prone to copycats and fraudsters. Protecting your brand is of critical importance because your entire claim to fame and level of exposure depends on your brand. If your brand name is stolen or copied, then you need to protect it from imposters so that your real version of the product isn’t pushed aside due to imitators.

They can advise your business

Lawyers should be involved in almost every growth or problematic process in your business. Are you forming a new idea? Get a lawyer involved to look out for similar existing products or legal implications of what you’re doing. Suffering from imitators? Don’t sue them straight away, wait for your legal team to advise you on how to tackle the matter and then act accordingly. Lawyers are experienced people that know the ins and outs of the industry you’re working in, so follow their advice carefully.

Avoiding lawsuits before they happen

Customer service can be a touchy subject because many clients and consumers can be incredibly rude and demanding. As a result, it’s common for your employees to get frustrated and speak back in a rude tone which can lead to both parties being in the “wrong” and it could lead to that employee, or your entire company, being sued for a misunderstanding.

Your legal team can help prevent this issue in the first place by reminding anyone that works in customer and public relations to exercise caution with the words they use. In addition, consumers are less likely to threaten legal action if you’ve got a team of lawyers on hand to protect your business from people who are looking to make a quick buck with a combination of media publicity and controversy. If you’re being sued and you don’t have a legal team yet, then chances are the only positive outcome is to minimise your losses and pay off the fees as quickly as possible.

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