Stayin' Home and Earnin' Cash: Legitimate and Lucrative Home Career Moves!

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A lot of us out there want to be able to work from home, but the problem is that we often don’t see this as that lucrative a career move. Well, this is a common misconception! Perhaps you’re underestimating the amount of lucrative careers that can be done from home. Check out this list!

Business analyst

So you want to get out of the office and away from what we call the daily grind. But you’re still interested in business itself. You want to remain in this sort of workforce. What can you do? You could consider becoming a freelance business analyst. These professionals analyze the needs of a business, forecast sales, highlight the need for adjusting processes, and other related tasks. It requires quite a lot of knowledge about business and finances - so it can be a very well-paid career choice indeed!


This is the pursuit you may have heard a lot about in recent years. Academics all over the world are trying to get more and more children interested in computer science. Coding is something that is in such high demand these days that people who know programming languages rarely find themselves out of work. Learning how to code is actually nowhere near as complex as people think it is. There are loads of places online where you can start learning coding for free.


A lot of people assume that accountants must be bound to the office of the company that hires them. But this isn’t strictly true: more and more companies are realizing that accountants can often do their jobs just as well from home. What’s more is that you don’t even need to be tied down to one company as an accountant. Freelance accountants can do part-time work for smaller businesses that don’t quite have the resources to justify full-time accountancy hiring. Look at the best CPA review to find good educational resources for budding accountants.


No, I haven’t gone back on my promise not to mention blogging. Writing professionally from home doesn’t just take the form of blogging (although a blog can definitely help as a portfolio!). Freelance writing can take many forms. You can get hired to write people’s resum├ęs, website articles, as well medical and technical documents. So don’t assume that that English major of yours is as useless as people like to say it is!


You may not think that transcription would be that lucrative a career choice, but it very much can be! The fields in which you work in transcription make all the difference. If you're doing transcription work for medical or legal services, then you can make quite the killing. It’s a case of being able to maintain confidentiality, being able to listen closely and type at the same time, and being able to type at very fast speeds. And by “very fast”, I mean that most transcription employers will be looking for people who can type in the 70-90 words per minute range - at a minimum. Getting faster at typing is something that can help you in a lot of business pursuits, so get to it!

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