Signed, Sealed, Delivered! Advice to Get Your Products Into the Customer’s Hands

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Arguably the most important aspect of your company is the ability to get your products into the hands of your customers. If people order your product and receive nothing, then don’t expect to be in business for very long.

There are several steps to getting your product into the hands of buyers, and they all involve the same usual process. You receive the order, it’s processed, you pack the item, you send it, they receive it. It’s simple, it has been done like that since forever, and it’s hard to screw up.

But how can you make it faster? How do services like Amazon package goods and get them shipped off on the same day? Being efficient is the aim here. You want to be able to complete the entire ordering process in a matter of minutes. The less time it takes, the more time you have to respond to customer queries, take on new orders or sit around and relax. Here are some tips on how to effectively get your products into the customer’s hands, regardless of what you sell.

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Prepare Packaging Beforehand

Doesn’t matter if you sell homemade jams or computer components, there are many wholesale packing solution services available to you. If you rely on retail services for your packaging or eBay to buy an empty jar, then you’re wasting valuable money and it’s costing your business more money than it should be.

Make sure that no matter what you sell, you have packaging materials ready for it. If you’re going to sell handcrafted items and gifts, then get some bubble wrap ready and a box that perfectly suits the item. The quicker you package it, the faster you can send it. Make sure that your printers are always filled with ink so you can print off packaging labels, and keep spare ink ready in case you run out during the work day.

When you package items, make sure that you take care of valuable items and delicate materials. Glass should always be wrapped in bubble wrap or stored in foam moulds. If possible, use a box that’s slightly larger than the item itself and fill the void with air bags or more bubble wrap to protect the contents.

Trust eCommerce

Many business owners love to handle finances and sales on their own. Unfortunately, it’s terribly inefficient compared to a computer. Sadly, many business owners don’t like to rely on computers because they’re afraid of faults appearing, high maintenance costs or expensive entry costs to buy the hardware and register for the services they need.

Don’t be afraid of using computers in your business. Services that allow you to easily accept and process payments are the best things to happen to businesses since the internet. It’s instant, it’s reliable and almost every payment method under the sun is accepted with most eCommerce solutions. Not only will you get rid of paper records and free up space in your office, you can easily browse and manage invoices with online services.

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