Overlooked Details Every Company Needs

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In the quest to take over the world with their brand new, one of a kind, totally awesome business, many new business owners can lose track of the small details. Don’t let this happen to you. Remember that it is the small details that make up life, not the big ones, so even though you have (or should have) a million things to occupy your time, it’s worth putting the effort in to the ensure your new company is inch perfect from top to bottom.

The Supplies

There are plenty of places where you can find all the stationary supplies to kit out your office, but don’t be too hasty in filling out your offices with the same stuff that every other company has: your options are much more extensive than you might imagine. For example, at checkomatic you can get a whole range of funky paperware. Custom printed or brightly colored envelopes, anyone?

You might think that these details are so small as to be insignificant, but don’t underestimate how much is transmitted by the materials you use. It is no use having an energetic web presence, for instance, if your materials are going to suggest you’re just like every other company.


Fun for the Employees

Don’t ever forget that a happy employee is a productive employee. It is possible that a worker who feels under pressure to perform will deliver the goods; it is certain that an employee who feels supported and happy in their role will deliver better. While many companies (especially new ones) do their best to hire employees who have the energy and enthusiasm to improve the business, it takes a conscious effort to ensure the high levels of energy and enthusiasm are maintained.

It doesn’t have to anything too outlandish to keep people in a good mood; buying pizza for lunch on fridays or treating the gang to an after work beer is an easy starting point to making sure your employees are happy in their work. Further down the line, company outings and fun rewards will enable you to retain your best talent.

Ready for Growth

When a new company finds success, it usually requires a lot of technical know how to make sure everything runs smoothly. When a company finds runaway success, the brief but wondrous success can often end up doing more damage than good to the company. This is because most companies don’t plan for overwhelming success; doing so is usually seen as being a waste of time, and it largely is because rapid success is not all that common.

But in the new start up market, anything is possible - and fast growth is absolutely possible. Instead of having everything in place for it, what you can do is make sure you have the pieces in place should it happen. This means having an accountant on board from the first day, it means being able to shift your company philosophy if necessary. It means getting ready for a long term future once the success blip has died down. It’s about having a day-to-day plan but also a long term vision.

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