Look After Your Office So It Looks After You!

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You’ve got your idea, you’ve registered your business, you may have even hired a few employees - now you’ve got to move into your desired workspace. Your office.

Your office is where your team is going to be based, it’s going to be the area where your work is complete, it’s going to be the space where your employees and yourself congregate. That all being said, is there a good reason that exists for you to neglect your office? No.

The best case scenario for a neglected workspace is that it’s simply messy. The staplers are misplaced, and there’s paper scattered around - the worst case is that it makes you ill.

Sick building syndrome is something that actually exists and even though it sometimes cannot be avoided - you should still do your best to prevent anything in the workplace that can actually make your employees ill.

Consumer HealthDay has some more information on Sick Building Syndrome:

‘People with sick building syndrome usually don't have any disease that a doctor can detect, but their suffering is undeniable, says Richard Lockey, MD, director of the Division of Allergy and Immunology at the University of South Florida and an expert on indoor air quality. In some cases, the symptoms are so severe that a person can no longer work at the building in question. Sick building syndrome has become more common than all building-related diseases combined, but so far, Lockey says, familiarity hasn't led to understanding. Nobody knows for sure why so many people are getting sick: Is it really the air, or is it something else? Some researchers have speculated that sick building syndrome is related to the energy crisis of the 1970s, which resulted in highly insulated "tight buildings" and a lowering of ventilation standards to 5 cubic feet of outdoor air per person per minute.’

How do you prevent your office from failing you? Well, you look after it! Start off by keeping it clean; you don’t need to give germs an extra reason to live in your workspace. Commercial cleaning options are widely available - so don’t keep a messy office, because there’s simply no excuse left.

Organize your workplace to keep things working - make sure you and your staff can actually move around without walking into a desk or slipping on paper. Purchase comfortable office furniture as your staff will be based in it all day - office accessories like resting bads will help them out as well.

If the working environment isn’t a good one - you might have to consider moving. A windowless office is a terrible idea - and an office in a bad area is an even worse idea. You should be aiming for the stars, and that includes owning or renting a solid workplace that is worth your business and working for your employees. A good office might not do anything for your business - but a bad office will affect it negatively. Don't shy away from a good office, even when it’s time to expand.

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