Everyone's Welcome: Building An Inclusive Business


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When it comes to hiring staff or welcoming customers, a modern business has to be inclusive. This means that your business should be accessible to as many people as possible. Of course, in most countries, there are no laws that enforce this. But, to have as wide a customer base as possible, it’s important to make sure that everyone is catered for. There are loads of ways to do this; you just need to figure them out. To help you, this post will go through some of the common adjustments that are made to businesses to make it easy for everyone.

A lot of buildings have more than one floor. This means that it can be hard for people with mobility issues to access the whole thing. But, if they are staff, they will have to. And, if they’re a customer, they might want to buy something from up there. Of course, you could simply leave it how it is. But, that would be unfair. Instead, if you have multiple floors, it could be worth installing a lift. You don’t need loads of space or any modifications to your building. Companies like Terry Lifts can install a small lift on your premises in a day. Once it’s installed, it will only need a little bit of maintenance to run. This will give all of your customer access to the same parts of your store. Having these will show that you are a forward minded business, which could increase sales on it’s own.

Similarly, people could also struggle to get into your building, if there are stairs to the door. Getting wheelchairs up stairs is difficult and dangerous. It will often result in people falling over and getting hurt. So, generally it will be avoided. This means that you could be stopping customers and staff from even being able to get inside. Thankfully, for this, there’s an easier fix than a lift. Ramps can be installed in an even shorter timeframe than a lift. They’re very cost effective, and they won’t make your shop look ugly. This can also help people with children in buggies, who need to get into your store.

A lot of the tools that are used to combat problems that come with disabilities and health issues are big and bulky. Wheelchairs and mobility scooters can be very hard to move around, even in wide spaces. So, you need to make sure that your business has enough space. In an office, a wheelchair will need to be able to turn around, wherever it is. And, in a shop, things like queuing systems and aisles need to be wide enough for the same thing. This is very important when it comes to making sure that people can use your business independently. Of course, it’s good to offer help when it’s needed. But, it’s usually best to try and make the problems disappear altogether.

You may need to make other adjustments to your business, depending on what it is. For example, if you run a convenience store, it’s a good idea to include things like diabetes-friendly options as well as regular food. This will give your customers the choice they need, without having to go elsewhere. Or, if you have an office, make sure that the kitchen is the right height for everyone in the office to reach it. Sometimes, big changes will be required. For example, if you hire someone with a condition that causes dwarfism, you may need to lower some of the desks in your office. These will be conditional on your circumstances, though.

Being willing to make changes like this is what separates good companies from bad ones. Modern business requires more than just clever moves and well-spent money. Now, you also have to appeal to the public. Businesses that ignore the needs of their customers don’t usually have customers for long. And, this makes sense. Nobody would want to go somewhere that makes their life harder. So, you should be working on making it easier.

It is very important for people to stand together in society and help each other where it’s needed. Everyone pays taxes for this reason. Sometimes, people need help. But, that doesn’t mean that they’re not worth the time. In the future, you could need similar help. And, most people will be very happy to give it to you. By making these sorts of changes you show that you are an ethical business.

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