Stand Out: How to Make Your Business Memorable

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The most successful businesses are the ones that manage to stick into the hearts of consumers everywhere. It could be a simple and beautiful logo, or it might be a jingle in a memorable advertisement—whatever the case is, there’s always something that forms a bond between the customer and the company.

To make your brand stand out, you have to be smart about designing and marketing. You need to take calculated risks, and there has to be an overall plan when it comes to the audience you want to target. If you’re creating products aimed at a younger demographic, then you need to hire professionals who are capable of thinking like a young audience and mould your product around that mentality. But in addition to marketing, there are also aftercare services and products you can offer to make your business memorable.

Fantastic customer support, excellent warranty coverage and regular promotional gifts are just some of the ways that you can stick in the minds of consumers. To give you a better idea of all the tips and tricks you can utilise to create a memorable business, here’s some helpful advice.

A Clean and Simple Logo

Successful businesses always have a clean and simple logo to accompany their brand name. You can hire specialised graphics designers and request eye-catching designs, but your decisions will also play a big part in creating a memorable logo. The logo has to encompass what your business is about. If you’re a hard working business that works tirelessly to meet consumer demands, then something sturdy like a hard hat or soldier would be a good fit. If your business involves children's products or toys, then something colourful and bright like the sun or a rainbow makes sense.

The easier the logo is to replicate, the easier it will be to reproduce on documents, billboards and emails. A complicated logo is difficult to design and the details will be lost when it needs to be shrunk to fit different formats. A simple logo will keep its structure and design no matter how big or small it is scaled.

Promotional Material

Whether it’s small samples of your product being handed out or pens and pencils with your brand on them, producing some promotional material is a great way to increase your exposure and offer potential customers a useful gift.

If you specialise in products such as makeup or food then handing out free samples to reviewers is a good way to get some initial exposure and have solid professional opinions. If reviewers enjoy your product, they’ll happily tell their readers that they recommend it and you’ll get many extra sales and your product will spread around different circles.

It’s also a good idea to give promotional material to new customers, loyal customers and long-time business clients. Sending birthday messages and seasonal greetings is the perfect way to show that you care about your clients and that alone is enough to make your brand memorable.

Advertisement Magic

Catchy slogans and theme songs are great ways to captivate audiences. Even if people get tired of listening to the same adverts over and over again, it means that your brand name will stick in the minds of consumers and you’ll see your business grow.

Creating a catchy slogan isn’t easy. It could be a mix of smart wordplay, or it could be a straightforward message that summarises your business in a couple of words. Either way, a lot of trial and error is needed to come up with the perfect slogan and it’s recommended that you either hire someone capable of doing it for you, or you start to think about the slogan while you’re still a humble startup.

Customer Support

It’s almost expected that businesses have terrible customer support that’s outsourced to clueless companies that don’t know a thing about your product. In addition to long wait times, you’ll usually get put through to someone with either broken English, or absolutely no idea how to deal with your problem and you’ll be put on hold for several minutes as they speak with barely-qualified technicians for answers.

When something so important is seen as a joke, it becomes an opportunity to stand out. Hire well-informed and educated people to answer calls, use alternate systems like online chat support and ensure that your customers know that your support centre is hosted by you and designed for the masses. The more you show that you care about your audience, the more likely they’ll come back to buy your products.

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