Interesting Routes Into The Manufacturing Industry

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If you’re planning a startup, there are many industries you might want to consider. Sectors like technology, retail, and healthcare are all solid choices. But manufacturing is one industry well worth considering. Businesses need all kinds of products and components manufactured, so there’s always a need for them.

Many people think that manufacturing firms need to be large organizations with expensive factories. However, statistics show the vast majority are small businesses! Out of over 250,000 manufacturing companies in the US in 2014, all but 3,749 were small companies. What’s more, three-quarters of them had less than 20 employees! If you can find a gap in the market to fill, you can become a leading manufacturer in your area.

There are many challenges to opening a manufacturing company. Health and safety are major concerns. Some can be expensive to start if you need a lot of machinery and staff. But if you’re willing to take on the challenges, it can be highly rewarding. Here are some manufacturing startup ideas.

Auto Parts

If you’re looking for a highly profitable sector, consider auto vehicles. After all, vehicles are always needed, and car sales are expected to rise worldwide next year. Of course, creating cars from scratch and launching an automotive brand would take an enormous amount of investment. But manufacturing car parts is an idea that just might work for you.

Vehicle manufacturers are often in need of car components. But parts stores and garages also need them. There are many businesses you can reach out and sell to if you’re able to supply vehicle parts.

Car body parts are often in demand. They don’t just come in handy for new cars- parts such as vehicle doors often need to be replaced. Some people also like customized car bodies. You will need a lot of equipment for this. For instance, there’s a lot of coating equipment on offer which can help color and protect parts.

You could also focus on small parts, such as windscreen wipers or tires. Even creating interior components like trims can be lucrative. If you’re interested in vehicles and want to supply the pieces to make them, this is a fantastic startup idea.


Whether you want to produce dishes, bowls, glasses or cutlery, tableware manufacturing is an excellent startup idea. You could sell to homeware stores. You could also produce and sell your own products. Some individuals and companies will also pay well for customized tableware.

One of the benefits of tableware manufacturing is they can be made from all kinds of materials. For instance, you might want to look into ceramics molding if you’re interested in making plates and bowls. You can create them by hand or produce them with factory equipment.

You should also make into glass making. It usually involves creating a cast for the glass to be molded. It can make the mass-production of things like table glasses or even vases relatively straightforward.

One inexpensive manufacturing idea is to create plastic dinnerware. Plastic plates, cutlery, and cups often come in handy for food outlets. They can also be sold in stores. You could also create paper plates and cups- people love to use these for parties and events!


Clothing is another area of manufacturing that can take many routes. For instance, you could focus on t-shirts, jeans, or even accessories like gloves and hats. There are also many different markets you could target. You could make clothes for children, adults, or even create maternity wear.

You might want to start out by creating clothes by hand. You can find online tutorials for skills like sewing and knitting. You can use these abilities to produce and sell all kinds of garments. You’ll need to turn to more sophisticated manufacturing processes as you gain more customers.

Manufacturing custom clothes can also be rewarding. It’s fairly cheap and easy to start a t-shirt printing company, and you can get many orders from people who want custom designs. You could also create custom sportswear for local teams.

You could also manufacture and market your own clothing line. If you have a flair for fashion design, you can produce some creative designs and sell them yourself. It takes a lot of work to build up a brand and bring in customers, but it can be hugely rewarding.


Homes, offices, hotels, and all other buildings need to be decked out with the right furniture. What’s more, the profits often far outweigh the costs of production, making it a fantastic area for a manufacturing startup.

Many people start building furniture at home. If you have some woodworking skills, you might want to start crafting tables and chairs. People often like to buy unique furniture from local carpenters.

Large-scale furniture production often takes place in large factories. It’s an industry that requires a lot of creativity for bringing all the right parts together. Furniture designers need to consider both looks and functionality. Furniture can be built with plastic, metal, wood, and all kinds of other materials. Textiles workers are also needed to create the right fabrics.

You might want to focus on stylish home furniture with unique twists. Or maybe you want to build functional furniture for offices. Whichever way, it’s a fantastic sector for manufacturers to get involved in.


Many people nowadays use their tablets and smartphones to read eBooks, but you can still turn a profit by producing physical books! Many publishers need books to be manufactured, and manufacturers can even become publishers themselves.

New technology has made manufacturing books easier than ever. After a book is written and designed, you can produce it with equipment like a digital printing press and binding machine. It’s worth learning about the whole book production process to become a manufacturer.

Publishers often need novels produced, but there are all kinds of markets you can help. Textbooks often need to be mass-produced. You could also create exercise books and notebooks.

Once you have the manufacturing process down, you might also want to become a publisher. You can handle the entire publishing process for writers and get books stocked in stores. It’s also beneficial in the sense that you can sell eBooks as well as physical books.

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