Employee Comforts: What Office Upgrades Do Your Staff Need?

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When was the last time you upgraded the hardware in your business? If you’re not sure of the answer or you don’t have an answer, then you’ve probably forgotten all about how crucial it is that you equip your  employees well enough so that they can do their jobs. If you’ve ever worked at a company and had to struggle with slow computers, inkless pens and uncomfortable seats, then you can imagine what it’s like for your staff right now.

As a business grows, so must the technology and hardware. Your employees should be requesting an upgrade when necessary, and you need to prepare the necessary funds to improve their equipment so that they can continue doing the job you need them to do. However, it’s not unlikely for your staff to get cheeky and start requesting items that you’ve never heard of. To help you separate the useful from the luxury items, here’s a couple of upgrades that your staff will definitely need.

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Computers and Hardware

Computers are necessary, but you don’t need an expensive Apple computer to read and write documents. You can do that with any laptop or computer from the past decade, and all you need is a computer that is capable of running the latest Windows operating system and you’re good to go. If your employees ask you for new computers, then they’re either using them for tasks that you haven’t set or they need a good clean.

It’s best to hire a professional to take a good look at your computer systems and figure out what the problem with your computers are. If they haven’t had a good clean (both physically and in software terms) then they’re going to run slower. However, if your team works on design, video editing or other computer-intensive tasks, then they are going to need the latest hardware to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively.

Office Equipment

If your company deals with a lot of paper documents they you need to have a high-quality printer and copy machine. You don’t want to run user slow inkjet printers that gobble up ink. There are industrial grade printers that you can purchase for your office. They run extremely quickly and use ink efficiently, saving you money over a long period of time.

You’ll also need special equipment for specific departments in your business. Let’s say you have an accounting department. Giving them computers is great, but most accounts swear by desktop calculators such as the pro calculator. They can work much faster with a dedicated machine, and it will improve your business efficiency if you give specialised departments the tools they need to operate.

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One of the most underrated upgrades that an office can go through is a comfort upgrade. Your employees are probably sitting on cheap office chairs for most of the day which hurts their back, makes their backsides uncomfortable, and isn’t very enjoyable to work at. You don’t need to buy luxurious leather office chairs, but a comfort upgrade is a great way to boost your employee’s productivity and motivation. They’ll love sitting at the desk if it’s comfortable for them, and they won’t complain about having pains and aches in their body if they’re well seated.

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