The Importance Of Office Ergonomics For Your Business

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The safety and health of your workers are central to the smooth running of your business. High staff turn around or sickness is a significant drain on your resources. The study of ergonomics allows us to see ways in which companies can ensure staff are happy and healthy, and therefore perform better. The benefit of good office ergonomics can be seen through the business. Here are just some ways in which you will see an improvement of your business if you decide to move to a more ergonomic office model.

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It boosts productivity

When your workers are comfortable and not forced to exert themselves, they work more efficiently. If their workspace is set out logically, so staff are not required to stretch to heights or use unnecessary motion, their energy is more easily directed towards their work. When a workstation is set out in such a way that the worker has to move more frequently than required, or make a particular motion repetitively, that member of staff can experience chronic pain. This does not lend itself well to staff efficiency, and in the worst case scenario can cause that member of staff to require medical attention and a significant period absent from their employment.

It improves the quality of work

Tired or uncomfortable staff are going to produce a poor quality of work, thus taking longer or even putting money at risk. When good office ergonomics are observed it becomes clear that staff are more alert, and their work is completed faster, and to a higher standard. This can be as seemingly insignificant as introducing a second computer monitor, allowing the worker not to have to flick through tabs and reducing strain on the eyes.

Costs are reduced

Staff who are unable to carry out work safely and efficiently are more likely to make costly mistakes. This, combined with the costs of long-term injury leave and its associated compensation, makes it clear that good ergonomics really can save your business money. One possible simple solution is investing in good quality office furniture so that staff are less likely to suffer long-term back problems.

It proves you take safety seriously

A company becomes a much more attractive employer when potential staff can see how seriously they take the safety and well-being of their workers. Additionally, workers can see the positive benefits of a strong health and safety policy and are more likely to follow guidelines and promote their own personal safety, and that of their colleagues.

Staff satisfaction is boosted

It's not a myth that happier staff means better work is achieved. Higher levels of comfort mean that staff are less exhausted, and do not experience the same levels of fatigue. Staff morale will see a boost as a result, and the company overall will benefit from a slower staff turn over.
Although moving to a more ergonomic office model will incur upfront costs, studies show that in the long term the benefits vastly outweigh the price. As the employer of people, it’s the right thing to do, not just from the perspective of your workers, but from the perspective of your profit.

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