How to save money on holidays

Holiday spending and your finances

One of the biggest expenses all year will be the summer holiday. Flights, accomodation, taxis, food, spending money - all of these components of a holiday can quickly add up to a hefty bill. How can we reduce the cost of a holiday?

The obvious and most frugal answer is of course to not go on holiday. Other than property and the cost of running a vehicle the summer holiday is likely to be the biggest expense in your year. You could save yourself a hefty sum by not going on holiday. Often Companies allow employees to sell their holiday days back to the Company generating extra cash. 

Take some time off for a guilt free money splurge

However, I understand that sometimes we need to relax and reward our hard work with some time off on holiday. Have you ever considered a staycation or else holidaying somewhere within your country? One of the biggest costs of a trip are the flights. You could save yourself a fortune by taking a relaxing break in your own country.

Then again, we all love to explore a new culture and a holiday abroad gives us this opportunity. There are ways to make this cheaper. Follow these simple steps to guarantee a cheaper holiday:

1) start (and continue) with research. Know exactly where you want to go, what sort of hotel/bnb you want to stay in and what you want to do there
2) research the cheapest flights using flight comparison sites such as skyscanner 
3) research the best value hotels such as trivago or Consider using Airbnb - we love them. They're generally cheaper than a hotel for better quality accomodation and its like stepping into a local persons shoes for the duration of the trip
4) get in touch with multiple travel agents and tell them that you've planned a trip and you want them to beat it on cost. Detail all the flights, dates and accomodation information and challenge the travel agent to beat your quote. The reason why we go back to a travel agent even in this age of information technology is for one simple reason.Travel agents have various deals with airlines and hotels that aren't available on other websites
5) sit back and wait for the cheapest holiday quote to come in from the travel agents. This will work to get you a lower quote than booking the holiday yourself

True. This takes a bit of effort and a bit of research but you could easily save thousands. My fiancĂ© and I got our honeymoon trip down from £6,500 to £4,600, a huge saving!

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