Want to Avoid Lawsuits? Make Sure Your Employees Are Comfortable!

Preventing lawsuits from your employees

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Do “work” and “comfort” go together positively in the same sentence? A lot of people would say no, and that that’s how it should be. After all, you’re not at work to relax. Home is for comfort. A little discomfort reminds you that you’re not at home, right? It keeps you disciplined, on edge, serious. Well, there’s a big problem with that thinking. It assumes that comfort is all about relaxing. But that’s not all that comfort is important for.

If your employees aren’t comfortable, then they’re not going to be able to concentrate properly. Part of their attention will be focussed on the discomfort they’re experiencing. Because comfort isn’t something that makes people focus on how comfortable they are. Real comfort leads people to not even think all that much about it! When you’re comfortable, you often don’t notice it. This lets you keep your mind on the task. It also keeps you healthy. Yes - it’s not just about relaxation and concentration, but also about health! So if you’re not paying enough attention, you could find yourself the target of a lawsuit...

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should be looking at when it comes to keeping your employees comfortable.

The amount of space

Having a lot of space is often a bad sign for many business owners. When they see all that space, they assume that they don’t have enough employees. Or that they can save money by moving into a smaller office. It often tells them that business isn’t so good!

But a workspace crammed full of employees and equipment isn’t exactly great for people. It makes them feel stressed and uncomfortable. And won’t someone please think about the claustrophobes? There are probably more of them in your midst than you think! Don’t worry about having extra space. A cramped workspace will also result in more heat. Speaking of which…

The temperature

Is it too hold? Too cold? Either way, employees aren’t going to be able to concentrate much if they’re worrying about the amount of layers they wearing.

To be honest, a lack of heat is a rare problem for a modern workplace to have. Offices, for example, can often be heated by the amount of electronic equipment alone! Still, there are definitely more spacious workplaces out there that are affected by chill. Cold hands and shivering bodies definitely don’t help anyone get their work done. Companies like Winrow can help with industrial heating if your business is in need of it.

The seats

You’ve probably heard that bad posture creates all sorts of problems. With this in mind, you may think that this is all up to the way the employees sits in their seat. But it’s actually often the seat that determines how they sit!

The seats in your office need to be comfortable and sturdy. Otherwise, back pains and problems with RSI can be exacerbated. Of course, if your workplace isn’t an office, then you may wonder how this section is relevant to you. But your workplace does have some seating available, right? You need to make sure that seats are of high quality, even if workers are going to spend most of the day out of them.

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